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Relaxed and lively recreational game has become modern " decompression " first selection. Indulge completely recently to be called in " blackart firelock is round " in game, it is not broken pure and fresh and lovelily, easily however hot, it is the high-quality goods of recreational game simply.

The system sets a field

When game is evaluated, like to write join effect first, server condition or game are configured. Here was avoided. The vermicelli made from bean starch of game of any a Netease knows, the game that Netease develops is quite economic on computer natural resources, to this recreational game, naturally need not worry. -

The system installs a respect to feel very reasonable. Entering game is 4 comparative and bright choice rooms when the hall. At present inside measure can be in in edition education, store, storehouse and to battle hall 4 places have an experience. What the individual becomes aware is a little little, fair the affirmation after measuring is to be able to add much content. Systematic interface is relaxed, each functions and show be clear at a glance, novice friend is OK and relaxed begin. This game uses the game pattern of the room.

Character profession respect

At present game opened 4 parts to be founded for the player, will look through introducing, belong to blackart respectively, soldier, refine gold, mechanical 4 kinds, support same account to establish 3 roles. Going up to each occupational experience complex degree and as good as of general and large game, the collocation of the battle and operation should resemble treating true PK to just go seriously in that way.

Handle a side

" blackart firelock is round " operation setting is very simple. A few groovy key that need clavier left hand to go up only add mouse Zun Jian to be able to be finished. In game can collect weapon, this are very scarce in recreational game, and the weapon is not to need to equip ahead of schedule. The weapon of random collect can let you be in to be being used in battle. Should notice compensatory blood quantity and bullet nevertheless. Go up in leap " blackart firelock is round " very exquisite also, the good friend that play should be OK go up in the map string together next jumping to avoid adversary charge, use a mouse to aim at the enemy to undertake striking back.

War side

Game cent is pair of battle mode and toll-gate mode two kinds. Can experience pair of battle mode only at present. Pair of battle numbers of the room can be set in the battle. Undertake choosing to 4VS4 from 2VS2. Organic meeting is renascent after dying in the battle. This also are to be encountered for the first time in recreational game. Decide because of it the standard is game is attacked mediumly reduce number.

Every part is in the battle, besides the primitive weapon that possesses oneself, return weapon of the collect in map of OK and present condition. The weapon of collect can have two at most, those who add oneself is 3. The weapon passes Q key switch. If had had 3, criterion the meeting with new collect replaces old weapon. Each weapon also is very cultured, there is the concern that overcomes between them. For instance some enemies can use defence, want to break the word that prevent, besides choosing powerful assault weapon, still need to undertake labor force just can be finished. The labor force attack of every kinds of weapon should compare average charge power is mighty. Kill and wound an area also each are not identical according to the characteristic of the weapon.
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