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The net swims evaluation: Bet boil of bath of thing full front of a Chinese go
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The net nowadays swims the market, the subject matter of too much and too much the Three Kingdoms that be full of, and the country of the first unify the whole country -- Qin Chao, tell about the game of her story, simply rare. Now day author wants to talk, it is millions upon millions of crossing network cost yuan, the net of 3D black unreal of setting of face of the Qin Dynasty of domestic head money swims your work -- " evil spirit contend for hegemony " , now the line on the shock.
   Game introduction:
" evil spirit contend for hegemony " be mix with demon between the god contrary those who be fundamental key is former start indigenous game, in make explanatory note to Chinese culture while, also publish the little-known story in more history Yu Tian to fall. The world of freely of the later period in game, grand picture that contends for a city, will take everybody to all over view fluctuation 5000 wonderful, comprehend in game true " battle " meaning.
   Game picture:
" evil spirit contend for hegemony " the map uses true 3D to not have seam joining together technology, do not let Loading map affect the mood that takes a risk in world of this length and breadth of land absolutely, extend indefinitely; There is different gut story in every small setting, journey is boundless, must not by the beautiful scene becloud before eye, perhaps at the moment the crisis 4 bend over! Always prepare moor to take a risk!
   Game sex:
" evil spirit contend for hegemony " medium professional cent is 3: Cavalier, assassin and necromancer. Have unique fixed position and development severally. Stress the blow feeling of the battle, follow personally operate enchantedly, take you to enjoy the battle fun of carefree dripping wet adequately. Also will increase to fight immediately additionally, maritime battle, drive a variety of battle pattern such as call animal battle, and can him control sits ride, challenge net swims traditional pattern. The point appreciates in game quite much, advocate because the city warfare system that turn just opened the cause that take, the author cannot experience, and domestic initiate kind DOTA battlefield appears to become the player on the line love most, get reflecting truly to the fun of battle.
   Game summary:
As a result of " evil spirit contend for hegemony " it is open measure inside the gender, the player amount that collects so is very huge, a calorie when creating author game directly. But undeniable, " evil spirit contend for hegemony " will become today summerly net swims the one large window of the market. If you are the faithful FANS of Chinese history, if your hope can enjoy what never had had to stimulate bright to experience in burning hot summer, so " evil spirit contend for hegemony " it is a good choice absolutely!

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