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The net swims evaluation: Cochlea of cleanse of D sour makes Ling naevus float
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Today, want to introduce a character, this character is in 5 years a try out much cycle racing software, and drive sensory editor offers car confusing to read into the webpage. Often with each contest the stationmaster of fast station is discussed each other, paying close attention to the development of industry of game of domestic racing bicycle. He what immerse for long in circle of cycle racing game is right in last few years development of cycle racing game became his distinctive eye all right. This character already joined contest now fast game panelist, next we see him be brought to us what kind of information. (inclined body)

Write down: Driver (later development abbreviation: "D " ) , hello!

D: Hello! Hello! (be all smiles, still be a sunshine model the boy)

Write down: Are excuse me you from when to begin those who play cycle racing game?

D: I like a car as a child, the family ten years ago bought plane of the first sport to give me, it is a Yalida 2600, I want to be in not much at that time the person has this 8 game opportunity. Thenceforth removes me already bring into contact with cycle racing game, such, I liked to go up cycle racing game. In those days I am going up elementary school. Up to now I still am withholding this Yalida 2600.

Write down: Oh, really early. Can you introduce you simply to play the history of cycle racing game?

D: 99 years, the bring into contact with on the computer that is in neighbour home game of the first computer " 2 SE of highest grade flying car " . The 2nd year, had the first computer that belongs to oneself, from this bring into contact with tens of moneys are different the cycle racing game of the type.

Began touch net sth resembling a net 2001, got acquainted with Viper(to note one) . Hold the post of highest grade flying car early or late online net (note 2) , f1RC imitate net (note 3) , GP4 imitate net (note 4) total mottled bamboo. Organize car hand game, undertook with Europe couplet net is opposite battle.

Join alliance of highest grade flying car 2 years, header of motorcade of speed per hour of life and death of successor of half an year, guide motorcade to pound annual integral, obtain the whole nation the achievement of the 5th. (note 5)

Will have the test of EA F1 2002 3 years in Feburary, and with established EaF1.net jointly with Zhou Cheng. It is EaF1 technical adviser up to now, organizing the league matches of EaF1 all the time.

Write down: The strong person of stand-alone and Internet! Very good, very powerful! How are you to know then " ultimate whirlwind car " of this game?

D: Be in early last year, hear of one is called " LEVEL-R " game of network motorcycle race tries in the United States move, my very then curious download experienced a few days through acting server, the impression that this game gives me at that time is very deep. Hear of again after that " Shanghai day even if " become " LEVEL-R " home acts as agent, chinese name also was decided come down, cry " ultimate whirlwind car " .
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