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Chinese name: Ultimate whirlwind car

English name: Level-R

Answer type: PC

Game type: Online RAC

Appear on the market date: Seal in measuring

The company that make: Invictus

Operation firm: Shanghai day vertical network


If ask 2008 year the realest network motorcycle race to game is spent,fall whose home, blame " ultimate whirlwind car " not belong to. This " ultimate whirlwind car " so-called history go up the game of network motorcycle race of the richest sense of reality, greatly the physical engine that its develop rely on independently, this engine can behave the state of the car not only, return can real report to give the case that car is damaged at the same time. When car is bumped, meet for example true present an attaint case, if car window smashs, automobile body blowout, prevent bump into lever to fly to wait a moment, and the function of the car is mixed directly the degree that is damaged bad is relevant, drive the feeling is whole with true very press close to. " ultimate whirlwind car " offerred the motorcycle race with unprecedented real acme to feel to the player. Because be sealed,measure open content finite, and at present 2 measure measure have not open, the real quality of this game after all how? In suffer invite those who attended latest edition to try after playing, the article below, will announce for you the answer.

The picture of game

The picture of game is the key that numerous player discusses above all, " ultimate whirlwind car " can take a full marks completely in game of network game racing bicycle, highlight the practice that car feels character to the utmost, game picture behaves a form with pure and fresh and lively for main body, in simple sense apply colours to a drawing respect also do one's best is true, in high speed travel while have very tall expression pulling force.

Build a model, although mix " highest grade flying car " newest make photograph comparing not quite meticulous still, but the expression that acme is absolutely in network game, right even building, landform, build a model very careful, these can bring the person's right visual perception to suffer. Hub, vegetation, match scene, billboard, the light and shadow are richer, on this, be before was being surmounted of game of all network motorcycle race.

Dirt engine bracket, turn to transmission shaft to be done. Bodywork damages appear very true, after producing serious collision, the collision place with meeting specific ground, appear to be out of shape differently. So, every time the choppy metropolis of the appearance is different.

Game characteristic

Real street motorcycle race the process of this one characteristic is perforative whole game, urban circuit imitate the world each mainstay line of big city, reflect amorous feelings of the building distinguishing feature that gives place and culture to the street setting of each cities.
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