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Game name: Heavenly body plan

Develop a company: Chongqing limited company of technology of network of Hong Xinhan world

Game type: Armour of machine of 3D science fiction

Game state: Check the 3rd times

Official website: Http://pop.u-joysoft.com/

" the heavenly body plans " it is Chongqing limited company of technology of network of Hong Xinhan world uses own research and development " Neptune " the game of network of war of large science fiction that game develops platform to make and becomes. It is shirt-sleeve the element of RPG RTS FPS, created a part to act, instant strategy, the first person shoots 3 person novel and syncretic, distinctive new play mode, make a player OK as playing CS is mixed " interstellar contend for hegemony " play RPG in that way.

Game picture:

Game whole style feels special to the person realistically, machine armour draws wind hale and hearty, qualitative move is sharp, phyletic and various, like " machine armour soldier " the friend of series also can like this certainly. The apply colours to a drawing with very good also tower gave the air defence missile with battleship of the building of dim sky, broken, muddy water, aerial, visible everywhere the atmosphere of big fight. If local place can be a bit more exquisite the meeting is better.

? Game music:

Background music gives a person the sense of a kind of be personally on the scene, real guns and missile sound effect also brought an insecurity and stimulation to the battle, surround nevertheless sound still remain to improve.

Game operation:

Use at present the clavier mouse mode of operation of 3D game mainstream, WASD control walks, the mouse controls direction, match again with a few auxiliary key-press, believe all players very can quick start.

Game characteristic:

One, two kinds play a way:

This is the absolutely window in game, operate mode besides average the 3rd person, still have a storehouse the first person of the form operates mode. Bolt by TAB can switch, be present mode issues the storehouse, the player can play RPG game like playing CS, all attribute enjoy the addition of 10% . What the interface designs the storehouse is first-rate, stereo sense is strong, contemporary feeling is enough, feeling letting a person is to sit in machine armour interior really, jolt still can be felt when walking, recommend everybody strongly to try.

2, freedom shoots:

This also is very distinctive set, unlike has played those nets to swim before, although be taken,be a gun, but dispute wanted a lock to decide an eccentric person or other player ability to shoot, after once lock up,be being decided, be without be concerned about completely. Here, the player wants to which can hit, hit a day to hit the ground to hit a building to go. There also is the function that provides similar lock to decide and so on in game, no matter be,hitting still is PK quite, the operation level that is test players really.

3, glide function:
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