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[fundamental information]

Game name: " digital baby Online "

Game type: Instant bout makes a net swim

Game feature: 2D cartoon game

Operation firm: Light is connected

Official website: Http://digimon.gtgame.com.cn

At present state: Measure inside July 2008, predict fair in September 2008 measure.

[the requirement is configured]

Lowermost configuration recommends configuration

CPU goes straight towards 3 (400 MHz) to go straight towards above of 4 (1.3 GHz)

Above of RAM 128 MB 256 MB

Show above of calorie of 16 MB of 8 MB above

Above of WIN 98 / XP / 2000 of above of systematic WIN 98

Above of other Direct X 8.0, space of the rest of 1G above hard disk, can join Internet

[game introduction]

" digital baby Online " it is a basis of superhuman vital energy " digital baby " the game of MMORPG of baby of the first number that cartoon makes. "Digital baby " it is the original work according to し of this あ き よ is adapted, a flock of lovely pet parts that famous toy company BANDAI is made and become by Japan; Digital baby cartoon makes company TOEI by Japan's lineal TV cartoon, get the welcome of a lot of people on the world. " digital baby Online " basically be with " digital baby the 3rd -- wild animal trainer " for the foundation, increased baby of about 352 kinds of numbers, the plan increases more than kinds 1000 in the future, the part in comparing game with other sport photograph so is numerous. " digital baby Online " have distinctive bout to make a system, and it is OK to need a mouse to click only have game, anybody is OK easily the joy that experiences game.

[mid-autumn test version introduction]

Test version is this mid-autumn " digital baby OL " fair the ultimate test before measuring, meaning make in the BUG of respect of the detail in finding out game amend finally. The digital baby lover that this car hand got come from far and near is sealed especially measure, inside the enthusiasm that measures senior player supports, the player of these tests was comprised " fair measure an advance party " , the organization in official test man and lead next force that already began exploration in digital world! The author had favour to also become a among them, fall for everybody introduction below test version photograph is compared this mid-autumn version has those stirring improvement again before.

[open map]

This open map is current open in all version most, include to open real world, desert world (include digital good-for-nothing or queer character labyrinthian) , village of strange frog animal, toothed world and dark black dungeon 1. The highest grade of field number baby also reached 52 level, this to high-end player, have again upgrade brand-newly motivation. Same, now digital baby of the player at most should OK raise 52~54 level, digital baby is achieved investigate extremely body does not have a problem completely.
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