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Play the Milky Way group flower already a month, a when did not think of to download casually at the outset small client is carried (ability 14M. . . ) play from the back the sense is really good still. Easy begin but content is rich, suit me quite. The most important is, one key of supportive F2 conceals ~ cannot find in game process repeatedly oh when ~ goes to work OK and lazy, ~ of ~ of while still alive

Story setting:

The word says game setting establishs the age in galactic and Caesarean fall to pieces, originally powerful cosmic empire dissension became 8 powerful force to hold one party each. Interstellar federal, tree Home Lei Huang, inferior autonomy of cloth mankind empire, Fei Sha is gotten, free planet is affined, galactic duchy of cross of pioneer of pirate of Caesarean, universe, Jean (ORZ, ji Enjun came... ... ) mutual between of clutch extremely, let a person can't help associating to 8 countries the grand scene of contend for hegemony. . . The fall to pieces of the right caused confused situation, the territory of big rich and popular became Babylon paradise in the center of Caesarean star region. Where had made dead land now, powerful NPC is guarding those rich heavenly bodies that shed oil. If want to seek hegemony galactic, your ground that contends for surely is in the center of the Milky Way.

Game picture:

Say candidly, although game picture is simple, but do not toss detail. Its advantage depends on: With the simplest picture, the contend for hegemony of the Milky Way that shows surging forward with great momentum history. The interest that you can see current and whole the Milky Way through clicking a galaxy in game differentiates graph. Meet above the area of label fractionize war with all sorts of color, your feudal, your force is feudal. If you want to search your heavenly body, can procrastinate move a map to examine, enter M847 heavenly body, the key in needing to click a mouse only can. Of whole game build an interface to do clean relaxed be clear at a glance. Here you can see all sorts of architectural grade, use; The integrated productivity of resource and total value; The important information such as ability of science and technology.

The task system of game perfectly, to new personality, award also is very practical. In game initiative, you can be allocated on a small galaxy that the name is M874 (anonymous person sad, tear... . ) . Become independent here at the Milky Way besides, you won't be allowed why to be atttacked, a kind of protection that also is a novice. Safety assures to issue what you can be at ease to do the job, be familiar with game operation step by step, here, you can understand game architectural basic skill to use, design the first oneself warship, science and technology of development heavenly body is waited a moment. The task continues to send you the first colonial ship all the time. The arena that marchs toward galactic contend for hegemony with respect to this at that time.

National power:
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