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Game name: Marine world

Game type: Community nurturance

Operation firm: Cruel verbose network

Develop a group: Cruel verbose network

Requirement configuration: Program of game use FLASH is collected make, the talent of plug-in unit version that the player needs to install FLASH 9.0 above is normal game.

Game introduction:

" marine world " it is cruel verbose company is 4-18 technically year old the fictitious community of a 3D of children and teenager development webpage game. Enter community, the child is reincarnate for a kind of benthos, in this fictitious world and other player undertake interacting, communication, game, exploration. Here the home that the child dresses up him, can visit the good friend's hut, still can play beneficial wisdom game to obtain play money, buy adornment prop to wait.

" marine world " emphasize particularly on grooming of the child start work, ability of beat one's brains, interactive on the function that waits a few community a moment.

Game picture:

Game picture color is rich, player expression comes out the configuration of benthos each different, starfish, octopus, crab, conch is waited a moment.

The game that this is whole operates an interface, functional menu is to be in most next, left the pushbutton that next horn are old map. Right next horn are " phreatic water times " , this is the story in marine world and news.

Map, the child needs to click corresponding map to arrive with respect to OK and automatic switch in corresponding setting only. Every place can produce very new episode.

Game operation:

Player but contribute comes " marine newspaper office " , earn contribution fee. Also can earn conch through playing a few little game. The conch through be being earned will buy building adornment to wait.

There are a lot of little games in game, pass game to be able to obtain conch.

Game of heart of Yu Xia collect

Game of treasure of remote control explore

The appearance changes:

Every marine biology has his distinctive color, the player can use blackart card to change his external form.

In character wrap up, have my part, you were collected to be able to change here all prop of the body.

Dress up home:

Every child has his hut, the child can buy various furniture in the shop, dress up the marine perch place that belongs to oneself. The adjustment with all furniture OK and optional angle, dwelling place of whole even house can change a color. Attract the child's eyeball exceedingly.
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