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The net swims evaluation: Hole gourd ladle unplugs room of of Xun of Yong earth
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Game is main information

Game type: 2D bout is made

Operation plan: 2008-9-25 12: 00 whole do not measure inside cutout archives

Develop business: Netease

Official website: Nod this to enter

Entry interface

Open " boast swims on the west outside pass " , of greet is the wash interface with an enjoyable and abstruse, vivid artistic conception, of all kinds pushbutton is arranged orderly, weigh the feeling of sedate maturity to the person. Will not be restricted on September 25 measure inside date open that day, the government opened 7 groups of servers, explode because of the number full, afternoon at 3 o'clock, added immediately " hill of aunt Su Han " reach " Central Plains asking a vessel " two groups server.

Character choice

Game shares 18 leading role, can join 6 school respectively: Heart seal control, big the Tang Dynasty armet firm armour is thick, precious jade a legendary venomous insect that government office of cure the sickness to save the patient of immensity of pool magic arts, Pu Tuo, ground kills slashing, bones of the dead madly is poisonous skill.

The part is built, the system still can give you a call animal that exceeds bud: Neat Tian Xiaosheng.

Enter first " boast swims on the west outside pass "

Although game is 2D bout is made, but setting and character are to use 3D to build moulding to make however, the picture is made is the high-quality goods in 2D game. Just landed go in the new personality like seeing full ave is shakes will shake, basically be being blocked up cannot nod NPC, not can fluent game, pardonable official net will be in again today (on September 26, 2008) 17:00 add two worlds to take!

Enter game to be able to allocate 3 different birth to nod randomly for the first time, with alleviating the enthusiasm of players is entered. And " boast swims on the west outside pass " game interface is concise and clear, right the attribute column that going up is game character and call animal; Right falling is the skill column that one word discharges and game function pushbutton; Right is chatting column, in the little button that there is screen chatting channel above chatting column, left going up is character coordinate, help walk inquiry of center, current map, map of the world, NPC, automatically, pop chart information, conceal / show all players wait for 8 little button. And the operation inside game is very simple, easy begin, control walks, nod NPC or be to undertake the task is accepted, trade, group group wants dub mouse to be able to complete all operations only etc.

Task system

According to hearing " boast swims on the west outside pass " it is one is done do make the game that laughs at the task to also can upgrade quickly, of course should be received for a short while will look. Have in the task system of game search road function automatically, after accepting the job, open task column, after clicking task coordinate, can allow systematic run directly to destination, or the player can open dozen of current map, in the map right it is OK to go up to the position chooses NPC or return the mouse return the mouse directly the main function that is put to the map to get NPC and coordinate, had coordinate to not be afraid of inner ear.
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