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The net swims evaluation: of broadleaf plant atmosphere dare be amounted to fro
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The battle is having no end " SD dare be amounted to " land eve evaluation

Game is relevant information

· game name: " SD dare amount to Online "

· game type: Online 3D movement shoots

· game condition: Land eve test

Company of · research and development: BANDAI KOREA

· operation firm: Long swim net

Game window

1. 10 thousand people confuse dare amount to subject matter

2. The original airframe of official authorization

3. Collect more than 300 MS, MA

4. Frank game process

Game configuration

Basic configuration

CPU: Surpass raise Ⅳ 1.7GHz

Memory: 256MB

Show clip: Geforce4 MX440

Hard disk: 2GB

Recommend configuration

CPU: Gallop 4 1.6GHz

Memory: 512MB

Show clip: Geforce6600

Hard disk: 2GB

" SD dare amount to Online " be with " motor-driven soldier dare be amounted to " a network that story development develops for setting swims your work, the numerous MS in 10 are being collected to dare amount to series work in game, MA (work detailed watch sees article end) , collect ceaselessly in the process of game, education, him aggrandizement one of main and important fun that airframe is a player. Be revealed for everybody below by the author " SD dare amount to Online " square field surface.

A links string tone

It is the most important to play network game what is? It is the network links string tone of course, be in eventually through sealing those who measure period to adjust us October 15 brand-new inside in measuring, saw " the net is connected " , " telegraphic " crewel server. The circuitry of respective independence makes sealing those who measure period to be brought as a result of network chasm a variety of " ghostliness machine phenomenon (drop a line, delay time) " go be not being returned, numerous dare amount to Fans eventually need not reissue such as " I drop what the line drops to wanted to upgrade... " the deep feeling of and so on, the player needs to choose corresponding route according to his network environment only can. Movement of the airframe in whole game process is fluent, the condition of teammate and enemy plane is updated seasonable, although pair of battle setting in 4V4 are medium,also arrive without experience defer, drop the bad situation such as the line. Look be in those who show level at least inside the server that measures period game to serve business place to offer and network environment are good still, expect the product also can have Shang Jia's show when official business operation.

Summary: Be good!

B picture show reachs game airframe set

To a game, can become in the element that the player moves on the first impression most the expressional strength that belongs to a picture, the player that careful model and reasonable match colors can give new contact game brings very strong visual sense to pound the effect to leave a good impression to the player thereby. We look together below " SD dare amount to Online " the show that attends in this one. What greet above all into game first is a paragraph of blame constant " light " CG animation, piece in Ka Bini, pulsatile gas waiting for a person dare amount to all to come on stage melee atmosphere is grumous, though space is not long but enough shake is true " dare amount to a meal " " the fetch of steel " . The entry interface after titles special " empty spirit " -- " archangel " class battleship is in silently a retrievable arrow with a string attached to it of aerospace middle reaches is worn, azure earth is in setting one horn, whole feels elegant and noiseless, it is pretty good very.
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