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" outside Wu Lin history " contest of cartoon of game check scheme is fervent un
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" outside Wu Lin history " " cartoon of scheme of Wu Lin check is collected greatly " since the activity begins, got the enthusiasm of broad user is participated in, also got many wonderful work, thanks to the support of the user here! Put forward to solicit contributinos in the light of partial user time is too short, cannot undertake conceiving preparative circumstance well, we are opposite according to the demand of the user of this activity collect undertook adjustment with decide on awards through discussion, welcome everybody to continue to attend eagerly!

Cartoon of scheme of fierce forest check collects mobile time

Collect with decide on awards through discussion arrange

Begin to continue to collect since Feburary 28, every fortnight is judged piece a winning prize

Mobile means

The form of 4 case or cartoon of scheme of 6 division check, deserve to go up simple character explains (perhaps indicate each graph with order, deserve to go up simple character explains, we will make caricature form) for you.

Examine a figure: Do.poptang.com/homepage/subject/newyear/01b.asp

Participate in a method

Send work our mailbox Dotx@poptang.com, or release in our forum proper motion directly.

Mobile award

Every winning prize will reward DO money 5 gold, be in " outside Wu Lin history " official website publishs work.

The outstanding work that every sunrise shows will be in " outside Wu Lin history " official website undertakes broadcasting, let you do laugh at ability to get sufficient play, in letting Wu Lin, the person is your work and belly laugh!

Particularly remind

Ask each player to notice to make clear place area to take reach part name, so that receive large award!

" outside Wu Lin history " official website: Do.poptang.com