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Offensive of heroic throne spring sends new personality of 200 thousand pieces o
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Market of a gleam of to business of network game operation it is a ground that contends for surely all the time, smoke of gunpowder diffuses since market of a gleam of is accordingly long-term, all sorts of new promotion measures are full of all sorts of activities here, and player however more and more coma, the ground of operation business pushs personnel to cannot call not to work hard with persistence, but true to these players that are mothered already have no other way.

However 2, although 3 class market is not the virgin land that was not developed completely, but wait for a problem as a result of cost, resource, make business of a lot of operation looks and promote sigh. Meanwhile, 2, 3 class player also is expected can have more with game operation business face-to-face communication opportunity. Game promotion is compressed change imperative! Employ play network together (Www.17game.com) is to satisfy this huge market demand, after be investigated through each and preparing, the decision put promotion in mainly December 2005 2, 3 class market, true to promotion compressed change stride, not hesitate the market cost with huge expenditure organized giant frequent promotion contingent to be inside a month of future will to the whole nation 40 therein 5400 Internet bars initiate small town violent storm, " heroic throne " in sending more the player hand that is expecting in raise one's head and look. Accompanying this spring offensive, play a network to will send new personality of 200 thousand pieces of gold check together (content can inquire to government-owned net) the glamour that with helping new player quick start experiences game, very much old player is expected long already 1 turn also will on Feburary 25 hot come on stage. In the meantime, experience the joy that throne brings and pleasure better to let a player, we still can be acted according to for broad player on elegant gift and rich and wonderful activity, the large and mysterious activity that enough allows popular feeling of all player shock also is brewing in!

The hero is contended for hold throne in both hands, beauty in all dance is tasteful! The equipment that depends on extraordinary splendour of luxuriant picture, time, rich huge task system, have distinguishing feature alone turn office system, prep against the chilly early spring, " heroic throne " push forward of Xiang Dian peak.

More information asks everybody to pay close attention to " heroic throne " official website: WWw.yxwz.com