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[The spot] " hunter MM " pet auctions meeting activity titbits
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Long swim of net representative operation " hunter MM " new edition V1.0 " pet dream factory " heavy fist hits out, amount to more than kinds 250 lovely pet to make the window of game, be opposite to satisfy a player the demand of advanced pet, came on Feburary 25, 2005 on Feburary 27, by long swim the net is " hunter MM " player bend affection is consecratory " pet auction is met " the activity on large line everyday heating power is performed in the evening!

" hunter MM " pet auctions meeting activity titbits

Spot picture attacked enlarge

GM people dispatch in succession, appropriative removed an auction to be able to be chaired, will ferial department of li of 90 class animal that gets hard is OK and super pet mammoth, long-range the 90 class plant that the pet of department of 90 class insect of attack atttacks super gas egg, remotely is pet super puppet person removed auction stand.

Of the player number that shares this activity, of actual strength of enthusiastic tall, economy strong, your government sighs with emotion greatly. The one wave that awaits the players that contest takes to begin too impatient to wait after GM is revealed and showing each pet crosses one billow high make price. Basically the price is in 500 million hunter of 3 ~ money. Shanghai 2 take a hunter " forever Ares " bade 800 million buying animal of below 90 class is super pet mammoth, 550 million buying plant of below 90 class is pet super puppet person is achieved this second on sale is bright eye high price.

" hunter MM " pet auctions meeting activity titbits

Spot picture attacked enlarge at 2 o'clock

Be opposite through this the activity brought a player into play adequately the enthusiasm of our hunter MM, more revealed a few rare pet that see inaccessibly at ordinary times. The understanding that makes a player deeper and the fun that experienced hunter MM.

" hunter MM " permanent and free, the system that attack a town is official open

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