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" fetch OL " " king of inapproachable new personality " report of mobile front l
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"Develop class king wildly " and " super get together treasure person " the honor that laurel is what kind ah ~ can get 10 thousand people not only revere the surprise that still can get the government is offerred is big award, be glow of the meeting below leg of the figure after the equipment in fokelore then, the god that names with player name implement treasure knife and armor! Want to let saliva of stream of people ah ~~ envies Ing

On March 1 midday 12 when whole, " fetch Online " " king of inapproachable new personality " activity slowly fell heavy curtain, answer actively what pound maniac and ace of super accumulate wealth by unfair means in large quantities of one insanity below, the raised strong level and assemble money mad tide in game! The activity that broad player friends conduct to the government also is to be like tide reputably, a lot of players suggest in post of official forum hair the government conducts an activity more, and hold participate in the high-quality goods activity with the rich and generous award with tall sex. Here, I believe the attention that appreciates everybody to have game and support on behalf of Beijing net nimble, we are about to roll out the line with series to go up, the game that the activity below the line abounds everybody lives, ask authority much more advertent " fetch Online " official website oh ~~

Current, technical personnel of the government also is opposite " fetch Online " the 9 player data that take have opened 3 areas detailed statistic is arranged, "King of inapproachable new personality " list of bear the palm will be announced on March 2, do not forget at the appointed time go government-owned net look, seeing Your Exllency is autograph of golden a list of names posted up! The report pays close attention to please related more activity " fetch Online " official website!

" fetch Online " official website: Http://www.i3hun.com