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[Activity] " hero of the Warring States " Beijing overlord player meets meeting
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Treasure heart network " hero of the Warring States " state software has been connected with Beijing during rolling out open test again close cooperation, it is jointly " hero of the Warring States " of later period accept way of cost job matting. Nowadays " hero of the Warring States " collecting fees successfully is not to break away from what Beijing connects state software to support energetically with Beijing area the love and esteem of numerous game player is mixed support, to acknowledge broad game player is opposite " hero of the Warring States " deep love, treasure heart network hand in hand Beijing organizes even state software in Beijing jointly " " hero of the Warring States " Beijing overlord player meets meeting " .

Mobile time: On March 5, 2005 Saturday afternoon 17: 00-21: 30

Mobile place: Door of Xiaona of the village in door of thistle of horn of northwest of raft of pontoons of thistle of Beijing Haidian area (industrial and commercial bank east side) after taking the door, go continuously 100 meters on the right side of bar of emerald green fruit.

Connect a telephone call: 010-64421199-8216 010-62359559 13301195255 13581599753

Contact: Small-bowled long-stemmed pipe of fruit fruit halcyon happy pace Qing Dynasty

Fictitious award:

Bu Guangjian: One

Go up tiger, on poison, on ice: Two cover

Money of the Warring States: 500W

Objective award:

The objective that value controls 1000 yuan is fictitious circumjacent article and software

Consumption: Each not in a limited time 16 yuan. Include: Coke Cola, Xue Bi, beautiful year amount to, Irish spring, earthnut, melon seeds fastfood. Alcoholic beverage provides for oneself.

Mobile arrangement:

1, guest all has gift of the Warring States is given

2, product of official personnel introduction

3, conduct propaganda of newest the Warring States piece

4, men and women award of optimal elegant demeanour

5, PS2 is fervent wrestling match

6, open-armed word takes a risk greatly the wonderful activity such as the activity

7, and draw-out spot is lucky the player extends 20 times dot of the Warring States gets stuck

Dear friends, enthusiastic " hero of the Warring States " players if your body is in Beijing, having deep love for again " hero of the Warring States " attend this Beijing player to meet quickly please meet! Heroes, the soldiers with 7 dauntless countries, if you do not have the classy equipment in game " Bu Guangjian " and headache, invite attend this party, you will have an opportunity to obtain. Handsome male beautiful female people, spoony players, if you feel reality medium loneliness and but, attend this grand ceremony please, here it is OK that you will be encountered hind the brother that the back gives and hand in hand the lover of troubled times.

Come! Heroine people, this party is you, my, of all dauntless people in living in network world, perhaps, we just do not give you a party. . . . . .
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