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[Viewpoint] how to know a net to swim? If let you do game channel?
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Game channel is not careless root enterprise, game culture inside information is solid.

If let you do game channel today, you should how, the what aspect of game should the game portal of mainstream media involve?

News pays attention to deepness, research game also needs explore its frame and its periphery, the culture content that tries to analyse game and its practitioner the 9th artistic Great Master.

Game, especially network game involves exert a subtle influence on sb's character, one of educational essence are in the enterprising in exert a subtle influence on.

We discuss game today, whether can join the circuit that game makes, the group of game, the talent of game.

The own research and development of game manufacturer person the research and development that will talk about game and operation, introduce game company, game media, such our game content are relatively much richer.

Game serves as finished product is a child, the fabricant of game, we also want to pay close attention to, game is a culture industry, so regard game as channel, we are introducing game scenic at the same time, return this tiring-room that introduces game, arrive from hardware software, arrive from the amusement of game the network strong interest of game, the can develop understanding game world continuously change of game, arrive from stand-alone game network game, each country game develops a condition, from trade situation.

Game and move free between, between game and education, the network strong interest of game is endangered, I feel, regard the mainstream as media, roll out game portal.

It is game of this stereo look upon, also can transform between player and game actor, our game peddler also is one of practitioner of game in fact.

Is game culture brim culture or integrated culture? Game consumption still involves application of electronic business affairs, game economy also establishs lever to see a movie to the action of national economy.

Channel of xinhua net game whether lead network culture industry development? Know game, transmission game, still need sex of the look up before the dot?

When our " net tastes game " , we had been to face game finished product not just, with game be closely bound up, can walk into the netizen's eye shot sooner or later, game peddler exceeds preconscious a bit.

Author: Yo of barrier Zhang?(swims industrial research atelier) participate in discuss