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[Game setting] review origin of hand of bow of strange unreal of chiliad history
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Regard a game as the player, certain none unfamiliar to the bow hand profession in of all kinds game and bow weapon. But deepness analyses the crucial ramification in this mankind history, how many person knows its value really again? Let us review the past, the with world of strange unreal game bow hand in will actual history and his bow makes a complete strategy!

Circulating in China Yi shoots 9 days, ji Changxue is shot wait for myth, the people that mirrorred fast ancient relies on Gong Shi and the appearance that make a fight naturally. Bow is the mankind is known use store through mechanical energy, release the earliest example of energy. Ma Ergen regards the mark that advanced and barbaric society begins as the invention of bow. If say,the content that its originate and mankind place on a par to igneous use, any tools and weapon are the extension of hand, so bow can says is firearm before be born, the greatest extension of hand. Be in as bow of human social class rise, the action of bow was gone to by human play extremely to, the bow of of all kinds and different phyletic and different might also was born accordingly.

The occurrence of longbow is the leap of bow technology. Just as its name implies, the length of longbow is not small, chord often exceeds 2 meters, arrowhead is hard cast-iron, power is quite great, kill and wound cannon-shot effectively to exceed 300 meters easily. Archaic England takes seriously very much to longbow hand, height asks to make an appointment with a meter of 8 above ability is qualified enter longbow hand force, single hand pulling force asks to exceed 180 pounds.

The bow with another kind of greater power is synthetic bend, also weigh compound bend. Just as its name implies, its bend body by a variety of material compound and into, because stubborn coefficient is different, the craft demand that stick all sorts of material and is together is extremely high, fire precision and power are very terrible also, defect is production cost too tall. Celebrated temporarily Mongolia cavalry is commonly used is compound bend, their Tu Cheng when it is not killing of the person that make an old unit of length for measuring land, can save its life him be classified is legionary. Pull open Mongolia compound bend needs 80 kilograms power about! Close quarters fire can shoot the body that shows a bison.

Say the heavy weapons in bow finally: Crossed bend. Crossed bend made up for the inadequacy of common bow power and cannon-shot, can amount to 350 meters. Do not need what training, informal one hides in bush from which the farmer is OK the knight that as a result an all over the body weighs armour.

About a hundred kinds of appearance still has appeared on the history the bow that each different is full of characteristic, and the respect that their dominator also won people is awe-stricken even. Bow hand became a novel, the frequenter in legend. Mixed bow hand became the one boast in people life to inscribe, the of all kinds game nowadays also moved bow hand fictitious world, continueing the lifetime of their legend.
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