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[Demon animal article] edition of Chinese of demon animal world do not want BOK
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Edition of Chinese of demon animal world 29 fair measure, I like it very much, want to play bit more smoothly more, these days so busy move is in demon animal world a few professional forum learn.

Read the article of a lot of home ace that play in American server, Korea server before, knew many relevant knowledge, acknowledgment. But I also discover a problem: Be mingled with of English of the Chinese in the article of partial ace, full piece " BOK " " SOC " etc, say this kind of article is right regretfully new personality- - those who hold absolute majority had not employed outward player the help is limited.

These authors are not absolutely the sort of " be in surely English of Chinese inner tube " false foreign devil, "BOK " the English that and so on is name of the skill in demon animal world or number language shrinks brief law, BOK is equal to BLESSING OF KINGS, chinese edition interpret is " list Wang Zhufu " . It is them only outside playing, take say a habit, or what is somebody does not know Chinese edition to be translated accordingly, be used so. But does the whole nation play outside passing, take how many is there? Pains writes the experience that come out, because " BOK " the reason was abandoned special regrettablly. If these friends still are glibly in game " BOK " , action can be to be taught again only give a batch small " BOK " , cause inconvenience to the communication between the player.

Someone says OK study not to know you! Be somebody sticks the Chinese that gives English abbreviation to contrast express?

Ah, the problem is in this. Our Chinese enjoys the demon animal world of simplified Chinese edition, necessary go carrying English abbreviation on the back?

Someone says: "Your allergy English? Good, think in big fight VIP adds this blessing to oneself, be to hit " BOK " go to the lavatory or hit " list Wang Zhufu " convenient? Hit Chinese not tired dead you? ! "

I think, chinese is inputted " list Wang Zhufu " be like and compare with English photograph, quits should be " BLESSING OF KINGS " , look which simple? If use English to be able to say: "BOK! " , then our Chinese can say completely now: "LW! " (row king) , little still a letter.

Although " BOK " have already, but I think the Chinese writes down Chinese to always be compared it is easy to write down English, one friend is dark black the word makes 2 complete set related mediaeval Europe cold enginery ripe, but gave Chinese edition those who play Chinese is change like him, mother tongue. These abbreviation kind thing, set what do not come, as world of Chinese demon animal move, I just hope to be able to the convenient abbreviation that accords with Chinese language habit appears, do not return the whole people to be carried on the back greatly in Chinese game " BOK " . (Liuyanne)
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