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[Demon animal picture] cruel fills again secretly reporter of world of animal of
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Wow, the small BOSS~ of Ao Daman carbon

Of class of 42 class P46.

Still have a ~~ unexpectedly sneak attack me, kill all the same!

See a landscape ~

Big BOSS~BT of Ao Daman is gotten very

The group destroyed ~

Feilasi ~

. . . . . . . . . . . . .60 soldier

Come come ~ of ~~ dear friend

Elite task ~~

Ma plays pausing end, too big this carbon!

Eventually elemental curry 250 ~~ good thing!

Incursion of first time RAID~(? ) term of English edition game, the friend that had not played does not understand. The novice looks lively, wait for Chinese edition to run natural meeting to give Chinese abbreviation. ---Sang Qiu.

The deferent blackart ~~~ of magician

Zu Erfa pulls the BOSS~ that overcomes carbon

We are 2 too fierce really extremely ~ double K2 dragon!

Amen ~

You, you, you steal a shadow unexpectedly, I should kill you!

Eventually, eventually, I make the material of the glove eventually neat ~ breaths out Hahaha the material that ~ should do helmet next!

(Author: The low P that get )

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