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[Demon animal world] experience of demon animal world takes 1.4 edition to grab
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At present global version is 1.3, blizzard is open a few days ago experience (test) server, its version is 1.4, all caparison player is OK the distinguishing feature that copies oneself 60 class part to experience server to experience 1.4 version first, after also helping a person occasionally, go in turned circuit.
Can bear the blame tell everybody, 1.4 version are a very great leap absolutely, say 2 version also had been not been.

1, Pvp honorary system has activationed

The NPC that the player can reduce hostile a group of people of same interest through attacking or the player will obtain Pvp honor to nod. You do not need hard group line to attend Raid, the suit that carbon goes to him collection of work laboriously below, although have large union support, you also want ability of nearly 2 months to collect neat oneself blue profession suit. Purple suit? At least half an year! You think, 40 people, a hour kills Hei Long, just drop a few purple equipment, a person needs 8, 40 people need 320, assume Hei Long drops 4 purple equipment every time, also should kill ability everybody admire 80 times neat. The consideration fails, the difficulty that considers to organize 40 people (although be opposite big labour union, also be a tickler, occasionally labour union of 80 many 60 grade, can find 40 very hard also to go up at the same time in the evening everyday the person) of the line, a year debatable. Of Pvp system introduce, let collected good equipment to become very easy issue, one when make random before sex very big at least collects the thing of equipment, become accumulate over a long period, want hard to have a thing of harvest only. Of course, the equipment that Pvp rewards still remains to observe.

Almost all players develop Pvp honor dot to go entirely. Should say Pvp honor nods systematic activation, go up objectively make the player does not need to pass a large number of difficult repetition Raid carbon will obtain professional suit. Want to obtain a suit so, the effort that does not have 9 months takes no less than coming. Because the equipment in carbon drops,have random sex, effort of several days cannot get the likelihood a bit redound. Blue suit is such, purple prep let alone. Long, player enthusiasm will contuse badly, cause player prediction of a person's luck in a given year. Pvp system improved this, want you hard to attend Pvp only, accumulate over a long period, honorary dot arrived, can put on Pvp blue suit, suit to lie fallow very much model player, it is to any players one is encouraged actually. Can say Pvp equipment rewarded systematic huge to improve the random sex weakness of carbon, and strengthened group cooperation at the same time. Because of Pvp unlike next carbon so slashing, everybody can gain his honorary point, accordingly, group group demand is a lot of slacker, strengthened game can play model!
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