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[Player article] WOW, too much reason makes us touch
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Shallow the innovation game mechanism that talks about WOW
Author: Hu calls ≡

The time that plays WOW is not short also, walk to go up in extensive earth of Aizelasi, my classics regular meeting is ineffable because of my knowledge touch. Every time I was added by transient ally when an ablaze BUFF, every time I hear others to use " in fair frequency excuse me "" withers thank "" to I am sorry when these " honorific, when a job is being finished below my player help in strong recognition every time, I am like Mu Chunfeng, hilarious. When does our player become so exalted? I also am met sometimes small feel puzzled. But toward want deep, I just discover, the player that is not us actually was changed, however blizzard the game that concludes for WOW is regular, make every player be in imperceptible in become exalted.

Why to give this speech? We can look from the following respects.

The soul that is valuable above all is bound calm, this mechanism can say is from the boldest reform since network RPG is born, be afraid also have only blizzard dare be the world so first lane is wet just want to reach! Once valuable is bound cannot give surely other player, this mandatory mechanism put an end to equipment pass on from the with one action on germ this makes numerous net swims the extremely evil source of foul atomsphere. The thing is lain between when several years I still remember clearly playing red month in those days, the equipment that value does not poor should drop after a player dies only, can be immediately all round the body between short number second collect one caboodle person, 3 feet ground is looking at the eyes covet that everybody uses hungry wolf those glisten equipment below his body, down to cannot find a friend to help renascent player auxes would rather lie a few minutes on 10 on the ground, let equip to be kept clear of to also do not gain extra advantage unfairly to the person all round by the system. Mechanism of this kind of game, want not to bring about the animosity between the player and retaliation, be day of Fang Yetan simply! And this kind of angrily making a person abhors, take the unreasonable mechanism with player joking painstaking effort, return widespread in the Han You such as legend presence up to now. Blizzard station comes out nowadays, with player of church of ground of action speak with justice a the mainest game is regular: Game is recreation only, should be you is you, do not make the decision of people good thing! Evermore, the player in WOW became gentleman, nobody hold what what is not a portion in the arms to want to the good thing of others. In addition, WOW still became a net to swim in scarce what not be afraid of pilfer date is additional kind: Pilfer white also pilfer, you move good thing not to go, does why bother crooked make a mean person?
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