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[Viewpoint] from where does game talent come? Had looked " crammer strategy " hi
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Look " crammer strategy: "Game institute " truth seek by inquiry (" family expenses computer and game " ) " , quickened me to keep the attention of the comment to game talent, be necessary to want to pass to of one mind " game institute " crash student sprinkles bit of cold water. Game industry is not snack industry, need certain basic skill from industry play industry. The article is the understanding that discusses pair of game roughly, the person that the welcome has fun at is discussed jointly and contend.

Industry of proper understanding game establishs correct game world outlook

Although game industry is so-called sunny industry, but show level at present, the state basically behaves the network game industry of our country to be given priority to for operation of acting Korea game, own research and development is complementary. Game theory is propped up is blank almost, person Korea game is pickle. The author thinks, want to quicken the pace of game industry, as war of industry of market of game of thresh gain China, it is right above all game undertakes study, rise to academic height, show it is research and development of tourist guide play, operation, good to do then to the player service and appreciation serve.

With be grandly exemple. 5 royal years, it is game industry 5 years when rise first. Meantime, the legend of capacity operation warm blood that acts as agent with China grandly, to be forced world of legend of research and development, should say the thing that was 2004. Game bound is feeling stone to spend the period of the river, be fooled to game of more than 100 networks and go up, when letting me think of An Lichu goes to China. Sell with installing what benefit is a delegate to pass begin to enter a village, the last brilliant phases is the country approved 5 to do the business that sells continuously, have install heart of bud of Ni of benefit, celestial being to wait for 5. Stop with benefit city produces massive problem and crying thoroughly finally. Pass selling is individual arteries and veins model east. Yield the progress that network game watchs in light of us today, although mix,pass sell a company to have great difference, but public praise effect of the player makes the transmission of network game and pass sell striking resemblance. Oneself send network game than doing innocently annul, but will taste as berth, in the process that gets used to China, academic research does not have Chinese characteristic all the time, this industry still has bit of blindness to now. Allegedly Shi Yuzhu also tried play of sth resembling a net of a network of rivers a few days ago, it is so good that the money of network game has earn? Pass annul because its are negative,the problem affects a society directly stable be cancelled. Although network game is decided,be 863 projects today, but the game of network of eye look upon that still is necessary to use critically sex. Study network game, to knowing network network in the round, make industry of good network culture, excogitate the game theory that suits to have Chinese distinguishing feature to coach game works to be necessary greatly. Want to establish correct Internet world outlook above all, game is mixed from personnel of course of study still should be known from personnel of course of study definitely and establish correct game world outlook. Internet is fictitious, but from application angle looks, from the service angle looks, internet is a platform, the main participator of Internet society still is a person. Network game is the self-identity that fictitious society has gotten industry, so coach with Internet world outlook game world outlook should be the category inside the portion.
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