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[Achieve an article formerly] why does interstellar contend for hegemony compare
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I think interstellar than War3 " evenly " , have 3 main reasons.

1. Interstellar balance than War3 really, because of interstellar balance, from the point of overall situation, achieve more easily than War3. Because both design concept is different,this is. I call him for the moment " balance space " . The balance of game is not one is nodded, he has him range. Why is War3 lopsided? Perhaps say to be discovered easily lopsided? Someone says: Hero. Someone says: Treasure. Someone says: Cafes. The style that is demon animal contend for hegemony actually brought about a balance the space is not quite large. Cite a the simplest case, before 2 class base, the dog spider of same value has not hit AC HT, also had not hit Fm Rm. Someone can say: Why the primary one of the pieces in Chinese chess that has not my primary arms played him? Again for instance, the long-range rabbi of 2 class base is combined, of UD the weakest, human is the strongest, also can a person thinks this is lopsided. In the final analysis, "Lopsided " originate can compare a gender, can compare, every a group of things with common features have 1 class base 2 class base 3 class base, have soldier of a kind of primary fight hand-to-hand, a kind of primary and long-range arms and can upgrade, two kinds of rabbi, one kind attacks city weapon, and have 3 heroes -- every hero has 4 blackart -- rely on experience to upgrade -- have 3 property -- can take 6 stage property. Numerous common feature makes adjust a balance the gender is not easy. A hero is stronger than B hero little, can come censure.

Interstellar rather, somebody feels interstellar 3 a group of things with common features differring to still can be balanced so is a miracle really, rather, I think interstellar balance differs this kind with respect to traceable. If say the design of War3 is absorb, interstellar it is dissimilation. Does dissimilation arrive what degree? 3 a group of things with common features should run to run besides the farmer there is same place hardly beyond mining, put an end to the comparison between itself of arm of services so, theoretic, protoss does not have solution to the propulsion of tower of missile of Terran landmine tank, but actually that? Theoretic, zerg dilate does not have solution, actually that? Dissimilation still is behaved in arm of services between each other too strong exercise restraint. Can blame tank without the person 3 artillery piece a Long Qi, because be in,wrong opportunity makes Long Qi wrongly strong go up to be hit to itself by tank is error, it is unallowed, cannot balance a gender quite; Does somebody use nurse of machine gun arms Protoss of eruptive arms antagonism? No matter come up against lightning, come up against beetle, come up against Dt, dead with respect to a word. But nobody can complain " alas did not have a law to play, need strengthens ammonia. On this, I dare say, if make the gram of War3,express (attack means, that addition that protects armour is expressed) add behind every number 0, common Ke Zhongjia 1500% , blackart gram weighs armour 2000% etc, war3 makes sure what balance than now is much. Interstellar it is the example with dissimilation balance best law.
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