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[Achieve an article to reprint formerly] classical novelette of demon animal wor
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Soot billow, forces of a gang on the highway runs quickly and pass, entity of this group of person is barpque, the snake has Xi cochlea to still have a blind person, but undoubted each is blame Chang Zhi's person, see their body form shines only, already rush out of figures a unit of length, go out a little while already gradually far go, form is pulled athwart below the setting sun grow...

The viridescence of Xi scorpion skin that head, there is sharp ray in the eye, what the pointed tine that corners of the mouth highlights fills be astonished person is haggard...

The picture decides case, camera lens close-up: Lizard has turned the head comes, the eyes is infinite and blurred, spitting a lip gently say: "Lean! Do not want informal random explanation, what lizard? (Place a Pose) I add gens then namely one of soldiers of 10 big youths, have proud blood relationship, confuse myriad beautiful girl -- Luo Suokesi! "

The Luo Suokesi that confuses myriad girl bumps with a beautiful attitude aside on cliff, fall down with a loud crash, a foot appears on the picture, look down the foot, crural host is an a blind person.

"Grab my camera lens? " diabolical arrange hand sits on Youdian's careless past stone, "Luo Luo, come over to be kneaded to me knead this old waist, dear me! I lived thousands of years, had not seen so enthusiastic woman! Had not hidden! "

"Be! The old. " Luo Luocou crosses a head to come: "This woman approach we are fast half month, glamour of old of it serves to show is very! "

"Well? The old, your blind fold design is good! "

"Be? " Youdian raises eyebrow, appear a little excited: "Have eye! 2004 set limit to are issued edition, today in spring city, I hold acquaintance in the palm to rely on what just buy ahead of schedule to concern, softness of quality of a material, use line dress at ordinary times also very ~ matching Lie! "

"The old is brilliant! Also wear blindfold by day nevertheless, be afraid of on foot hit a wall? "

"Do you think I think? If it were not for because... because wrap around in the prison,closed thousands of years, the eyes is bad, who doesn't have a thing to wear blindfold? Did not say, hurry on with one's journey essential! " You Di brings old hand, brandish, "Set out! "

"Won't the old, ran one day, hurry on with his journey even in the evening? Tired to death ~ "

Youdian has turned the head comes, facial collect in the past: "What our demon likes to act in the evening namely is phyletic, is you add gens then to also profess demon? That is mixed me this demon match! "

"Lean! Do not want to use prodding sb into action! " Luo Suokesi's face bilges aglowly: "We add gens to won't be defeated then any phyletic! Especially demon! I vow with Suokesi's familial name, I can take the blue ribbon! Go! "

"You are really lovely still. " the model wears Youdian chin, bad badly shallow laugh.

The first chapter adds the rise of gens then
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