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[Game literature] the blessing of WOW (Lu Xun < blesses > to change) (reprint)
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The end of the year of   the old Chinese calendar after all most resemble the end of the year, need not say on bourg, also show in the sky will come to the atmosphere of New Year. The heavy evening of hoar gives out glitter constantly among the cloud, follow blunt echo, it is the cracker that throws away; Vicinity sets off but more intense, the big news of shake ear has not ceased, had come loose in air full the gunpowder of faint is sweet. Hunters are unwilling also and doleful, release oneself star shell in succession, more foil gives festal atmosphere. I am returning me in this one night

Is the experience that knowing is an author pure still fabricate? Guffaw is counted second, will nod lose again, alter interestingly, thank an author! ---Sang Qiu