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Use trojan program purloin to operate attributive to revise a net to swim two ha
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Liu Hongyu and net swim company staff Ma Yu bright collaborate from within with forces from outside, use the operation limits of authority of game of network of trojan program purloin, borrow this to obtain many play equipment to sell, gain profit 30 thousand multivariate. 30 days, haidian court sentences Liu Hongyu set term of imprisonment 1 year respectively with destroying blame of computer information system half, ma Yu bright set term of imprisonment 10 months.

Last year September, liu Hongyu and Ma Yu bright trojan program embedded Ma Yu the science and technology of Beijing Guang Yuhua summer of bright job is finite liability company (after abbreviation Guang Yuhua Xia Gong, steal the network play that got this company operation thereby " hope ONLINE " modification password and advanced operation attributive. After obtaining these information, the visited company of smooth Yu Huaxia remotely speech server in home of lake of solidarity of in relief area of Liu Hongyu hold office at court, revise through running a program, increased a net to swim " hope ONLINE " relevant data, win this game then 262 equipment. After Liu Hongyu sells these equipment the player, set show more than yuan 33 thousand, and will among them Ma Yu of 4000 yuan of deal out bright. (Li Peng of Yan Dan of trainee of reporter teach rustle's reporter)