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Quality of handle of Ren Tiantang Wii does not amount to mark to affect strategy
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Last week the opportunity of an arise suddenly, the author visited domestic quantity to produce PSP acting factory to be in charge of the friend of character monitoring, know the inside information that produces to newest PSP, what make person accident surprizing more is, the controller of Ren Tiantang Wii also will turn to be produced by this acting factory of home, regretful is, the making progress of new edition PSP and Wii controller is not good, wii may not amount to mark because of controller quality and affect date of lead plane put on sale.

Hear " new edition " PSP, may let factitious one shake, actually otherwise! What indicate here is hardware version, and the Firmware firmware version that is not common place to say, early before message of interior of our Pacific Ocean has disclosed about hard disk edition PSP because cost is exorbitant and cancel be related, although inside the 8GB small hard disk of buy is cancelled, but brand-new framework still can be taken to use, have a bit besides interior spare parts replace besides, external memorial marvellous interface also is met by alter somewhat subsequently, but the use habit that won't affect a player to have.

Bencike is oneself since PSP head is sent first large-scale in-house framework is adjusted, first when it is a plan it is to blend in small hard disk, but uptodate a cost of instead bring down for main purpose, according to the author brief contrast observes, frame of in-house LCD of new version PSP has original metal to wear instead plastic material is worn character, and the PSP circuit of motherboard also is changed somewhat. Do not look down upon this to be transformed simply, enough affects the aseismatic coefficient of whole platform machine, this also is to fail at present the greatest resistance that all fronts quantity produces!

The author is obtained breath, PSP of this batch of new version is able to bear or endure shake is weaker, in course 10CM freedom whereabouts checks in (* notes: Fall in cement ground / on glue floor, each retest 5000, damage degree of survey into travel airframe again) , new version does not amount to mark apparently, bring about fail to enter phase of put into production tardy.

As to the lead plane of pink edition PSP that SCEE takes the lead in announcing last week uptodate already all fronts quantity is produced, occupying a report to show this approves PSP is Pink of singer of clique of God of United States of special have the aid of (just signed agreement with SONY MUSIC) person energy of life undertakes driving lead plane sales volume, first lead plane will be first send toward European area sale, and do not need to just appear in christmas eve, SCEE government affirms will take the lead in rolling out on October 27, believe at the appointed time sure cause scare buying mad tide!

Hold the post of the Wii respect of heaven, the near future has hearsay to say to be able to come on stage first by October again and again, situation hitting pressure in November the PS3 lead plane of the middle ten days of a month, but the time of put on sale that actually government of heaven of be reappointed consecutively also may not decide at present, be put in a variety of problems because of Wii controller just about and fail to enter a quantity to produce.
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