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Violate music of compasses management network and game the be punished such as e
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The website such as the empyreal music network that violates music of compasses management network and game suffers punishment

Xinhua net Beijing on August 9 special telegram (reporter Zhou Wei) culture ministry runs an unit to violating the Internet culture of music of compasses management network and game the before investigating weekday end of the first phase, 8 days announced condemnatory result, the website such as network of empyreal music network, day tiger music is included to investigate " blacklist " .

In game product side, service of each district culture begins product of the 4th batch of illegal game to investigate the requirement of the action according to culture ministry, right " Ⅱ of favour of Lai suction blood " " Jing Song space " waited for the illegal game that contains bawdy, gamble, violent content to undertake checking capture, include illegal game blacklist its, with management of culture branch Internet bar superintendency platform gives. Administration of culture of Shanghai, Zhejiang executes the law the branch is right without approve or putting on record, do sth without authorization pursues network sport " street basketball " " Caesarean legend " wait for game unit to make amerce lawfully, instruct correct wait for administration to punish. The network game that the culture service such as Sichuan, Hubei, Chongqing, Henan, Jiangsu allots according to culture ministry " illicit take " " outside hang " investigate list, to 29 networks game " illicit take " " outside hang " undertook closing down, make punishment lawfully to relevant responsibility person.

Market of culture ministry culture manages concerned controller expresses, the 2nd phase investigates the job to undertaking in, of the first phase after investigating list to check, announce. (be over)