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Japan: Market of sport control machine has rate head to exceed family expenses o
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Xinhua net Tokyo on August 6 special telegram (reporter Ni Gongmei) carry convenient sport control machine to develop in Japanese market in recent years rapid. According to newest first phase " day classics weekly " report, this year first half of the year, sport control machine is inside Japan of sport machine market have rate exceeded opportunity of family expenses game first.

The statistical data of company of market research of game of n of i of a of r of b of r of e of t of n of E of Japan of this newspaper cite says, 1 comes this year in June, sport control machine is inside Japan of sport machine market have rate amount to 59 % , this is since this company began statistic to concern data 1997, the Japanese home market of sport control machine is had rate exceed family expenses opportunity first.

The home market of machine of Japanese sport control is had rate control for 20 % only when 2002, rose last year to 47 % . According to estimation, the home market of machine of control of annual Japan sport is had this year rate also hopeful exceeds 50 % .

Report, driving an element that palm machine sales volume jumps is the DS palm machine that holds the post of heaven company to roll out. Up to by this year July, the shipment volume of machine of palm of Ren Tiantang DS already exceeded 10 million. This palm machine appears on the market such sales volume is reached namely after 20 months, this did not see in the place before be being returned on market of Japanese sport machine. Not only such, also appear with the game software sales volume of form a complete set of machine of palm of Ren Tiantang DS bigger growth. According to statistic, in the 6 game software that sales volume exceeds 1 million first half of the year this year, having 5 is developed in the light of machine of palm of Ren Tiantang DS.

It is reported, suo Ni company also is in at present devote oneself to to strengthen its PSP palm machine divides the other function outside game, strive for enlarge market share.

Analysis of the personage inside course of study says, of palm machine gained ground to reflect Japanese customer on certain level the change of recreational means. Current, family of a lot of Japan is divided outside having opportunity of game of a family expenses, every family member still has his sport control opportunity. In addition, many game manufacturers are devoting oneself to Japan development suits the age the palm machine new play of bigger player. (be over)