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"How did " of game of Internet bar, network become " to take the strange animal
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On August 6 morning, it is inside office of attorney of Beijing justice group, "Network game is superintended with enterprise society responsibility " on the seminar, "The net swims the first appeal to " in victim piece the Zhang Chunliang of standing vice director of research center of prevention and cure of strong interest of network of gazette of economy of the person that Xiao Yi's thought fors the time being, China says excitedly, the country should is opposite " have a person " network game is strengthened superintended, otherwise, more and more adolescent will walk up not to put in a road 's charge from this, bring about more and more family tragedy to happen. (" Chinese youth newspaper " on August 8)

The author 100 thinking of what do not get its to solve is, how was game of Internet bar, network become " have a person " strange animal?

As " the net swims the first appeal to " victim, or " save child the heart is cut " the parent, now and then send a few times " have a person " academic also give no cause for more criticism, if the whole world says it " had a person " , so, whether it is true " eat outstanding " look so not easily instead clear. What did our child do after all in the Internet bar? A what kind of place is the Internet bar after all? Whether is network game a kind " new-style opium " ? Now, such problem seemed to become " Luo Sheng door " .

Inchoation at Beijing La Ji of incident of be on fire of fast Internet bar " demon is changed " the tendency, let tens of Chinese 10 thousand Internet bar operator wander in bankrupt brim for a time, till the fashionable of network game, just made them new see a hope. According to media coverage, to 2006, immediate production value will achieve network game 15 billion yuan, to circumjacent industry drive will amount to 100 billion yuan. A so big industry, besides is belonged to again burgeoning, still be in development phase industry, all sorts of systems are short of estrangement normatively to be not perfected can be imagined. But, is this us blindly " is demon changed " the reason of network game?

Can see, to network game " demon is changed " , with to the Internet bar " demon is changed " be according to legend of one arteries and veins. Ever had report Internet bar (network game) by accident the person is not shallow: Schoolgirl of 15 years old of junior high school is infatuated with network game, on every months of expenditure 1000 yuan, parental admonish is invalid. What reason is this? This schoolgirl says to the reporter: I do not wish to talk with parents, they often hurt my pride, they and I talk to always taking jussive note, go up in the net only, I just can find achievement sense. What problem is what expose at the back of this? The problem of education and family is very serious. The fun that if everybody feels to come home and learn is more than get online, who can go every day does the Internet bar play?

Latter author sees an article on the net, censure " demon changes " 4 kinds of people of the Internet bar: It is alleged " crooked humanness a person of exemplary virtue " teacher, it is those one almanac teach old, do not wish with when the teacher that all enters; 2 it is alleged " crooked parenting " the parent, no matter the child grows,be those, once the child has an accident, shift oneself responsibility completely, want the egoistic parent that the society is in charge of for them; 3 it is alleged the traditional media of management not in the proper way and practitioner; 4 it is alleged the official of the corruption that fears exposure. The author feels the article is completely not right, but also have stated reason.
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