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[Game close ability] the Three Kingdoms group flower convey ability of 5 little
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Initial stage obtains small means of Mu Renbing:
When choosing monarch at the beginning, carry as far as possible stand by [dock] > '<
The ~ when should piling up a hair to show heavy boat again next sends fierce to salvage the past!
When the garment that when approaching heavy ship, writes down quickly ingot should make a record!
If the article that salvages next is not you want investigate read take a record to scoop up " afresh "
PS. Heavy boat salvages ㄉ thing to have 1. Money 2. Blast running hand 3. Arms accord with
Also can scoop up Mu Renbing [Mu Tongling] ""

Use big Ji Yue to scoop up brushstroke
Fierce can appear to will report like you ' is big this month sometimes when initial stage just played auspicious '
Do record ~ at this moment next every 1 day friendly it is to happen to do record ~ to did not produce anything to be read take come again! Can be in so big Ji Yue inside 30 days scoop up " madly 30 times "
P.S: Population of 鷡 of ⑸ of moth  Lu Dai increases. Promotion morale. Additional obtain goods. Money. Raise preliminary army. Promotion development. Defence is waited a moment. . . . . . . .