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[Game strategy] the Three Kingdoms group flower pass the weapon of 5 to conceal
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Weapon name skill
Cut of month of water of anguine lance = . Fire hose
Hook cut of month of water of 鎌 gun =
Crescent moon shovels behead of = half moon
Cut of month of water of = of cease month knife
Be struck by lightning of bronze whip =
Behead of intense of blade of month of double cleek =
Longbow = falls lunar bend
= of fan of dark green feather is late come first. Decrease enemy fast. Earthy escape is killed. Igneous thunder jade
Iron of = of iron fracture fan annulus hematic behead. Bite blood. Steel ground is nailed blast. Stab in the back
= of folding fan of white thin silk removes an ability. Gas cure. Life cure art. Return day art
= of Bai Yu fan falls enemy morale. Invigorate morale. Ground spring is strong. Dash forward Shi Jian
Crossed gun = bears mark
Lotus of = of blueness feather fan China. Return day art. Add my army fast. 10 thousand ways are natural
Bend of setting sun of short bend =
10 thousand ways of = of broken evil bend are natural. Leave ground for retreat beforehand. 5 thunder are raided. Setting sun bend. Fall lunar bend
Wear Yun Gong = sword annulus dance. Setting sun bend. Fall lunar bend
= of divine arm bend is decreased enemy will attack. Rocket day is raided. Setting sun bend. Fall lunar bend. Invigorate morale
Art of leopard of drive of cryptotaeneous cinquefoil marvellous =
Scarification of lance of ground of 3 dagger = . 3 emperor China behead
Sea of fireworks of bare of blaze fan = . Assault of the Eight Diagrams. Firedrake blaze. Landmine block enemy. Landmine is ambushed
3 life of = of two blade axe behead. Life annulus behead
= of violet Long Ji is late come first. Develop big gun ejaculation dragon. Wind dragon day comes back
Defeat concealed of escape of earth of Shan Jian = to kill. Earthworm. Day sword behead. Dispel the clouds and see the sun-restore justice
Flying knife of drive of = of tiger tooth sword. Earthworm shake. Knife of bite blood demon. Murderous look
Phlogistic animal of = of rough gentian gun is killed blast. Firedrake angry blaze. 10 thousand ways are natural
Sword of heart of Long Yuanjian = . Dragon tornado
Lian Nu of = of fast thunder bend is mad billows. Fall lunar bend. Setting sun bend. Quicken market gas. Add my army fast
Art of leopard of drive of = of arc month knife. Half moon behead
Miao Dao = dash forward stone
The skill of an official position when believing everybody knows to confer official position can stay
The mastery of a skill or technique that includes weapon, book also can stay! Should be in only season is municipal the weapon that wants to learn is exchanged before conferring official position, can learn complete all fierce ability and counsellor ability!

Below ask everybody to help fill complete!

Sword kind:
Spring of ground of wide blade sword
Miao Dao dash forward stone
Leopard of pretty knife drive
Leopard of serial knife drive
Leopard of drive of behead of half moon of arc month knife is strong
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