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[Game close ability] " the Three Kingdoms group flower pass 5 " problem and solv
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Problem 1: Below WindowsXP, animation cannot be broadcasted normally.

Means of settlement: Upgrade please your system broadcasts decoder, or await official patch.

Problem 2: Installation ends, prevent two groups of serial number that study a system to all cannot pass test and verify.

Means of settlement: Affirm you put the 2nd piece of CD please above all, if had been put, and two groups of serial number cannot be entered normally, you can change to bought place product.

Problem 3: In game, fierce will not join force.
Means of settlement: Fierce has need the official after conferring, ability heads more unit, official position is higher, the unit number that can bring is more, most and OK 5 fierce will give fight at the same time.

1.01 patches action
NULL of extent of 1. part mind unusual


1000 people of 1. battlefield is abiogenesis dead machine
Connecting with the boxing skill of 2. part be out of office will be unusual
3. fierce will at building thing inside, cannot reply physical power is supreme value
4. fierce will confer partial official position unusual
5. is read after taking record, the army in shift suspends the operation
When checkmate of 6. incident fierce dies, ride a graph unusually
When 7. dot picks a ship, mouse displacement deviation
8. season is municipal - article project, be about to buy sell the goods that go out, show to oppose white position
When 9. open establishs content interpose range, but the side of the interpose that build thing with direct other switch
Information of 10. part dialog unusual

Add newly
1000 people of 1. are war, move mouse to get on effigies to fierce, can show this directly the information of fierce general
2. hand is moved when conferring official position, move mouse official position nominally, can show the information of this official position directly
3. increases season newly municipal - the fierce of talent project award function (contain automatic bestow a reward)
4. increases season newly municipal - article buys a purpose to buy a function quickly
5. adds the condition that defend a city newly, aggrandizement defends city square dominant position