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[Game close ability] " bloody battle Pacific Ocean " cogged code
From;    Author:Stand originally

Be in game is added at the back of quick way " blank space Set Developer 1 Set Ui_console 1 Set " (the quote that does not include from beginning to end)

Cheats 1 Set Thereisnomonkey 1 Set Cl_playintro 0

In game " ~ " giving console to notice is not Mohpa_setup.exe it is Mohpa.exe this.

Dog (unspecified, if be no good try God) invincibly mode

Fullheal blood is complete full

Wuss is obtained all weapons are mixed ammo

Noclip wears a wall mode

Version of Notarget indication game

Listinventory is listed article detailed list

Z of   of Y of   of Tele   X conveys Z position of   of X   Y

Coord shows currently the position

Health carries current blood

Kill suicide

Giveweapon   Weapons/(weapon_name).tik is obtained appoint a weapon

Switch of Toggle   Cg_3rd_person becomes the 3rd person perspective

Ammo of Give   Ammo is completely full