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[Strategy] " brine business king 2 " the strongest result is shared
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" brine business king 2 " it is an imitate that concerns area of 17 centuries Caribbean runs game, at that time Caribbean region is having volume 60 town, belong to England, France, Spain and Holand respectively, you can have trade between each town,

Of course, be in business is not you is all, you need the constant naval battle that leads all sorts of dimensions and fight of town assault fortified positions, will expand quickly through the war oneself, the country with him partisan assist a ruler in governing a country perhaps passes the colonial country with other and puny help to turn round a situation, get huge profit from which! The domain of game initial stage passed your elaborate scheme and ambition annex to change structure, all count bursa finally to obtain submit to to fall at your foot, those who become you to have the commerce empire of huge economy and martial actual strength then is accessary! The appear vividly of great talent and bold vision that has a kind of regnant world at the heart?

-- the has authenticity most imitate that is honoured to once be in charge of,introduce this for you very much runs game.

If you had played " brine business king 1 " , so you need not make this one game the preparation of too much begin, can cast operation specification completely aside, besides a few problems I want to remind you outside, other you can be in what you master completely inside 2 hours when enter game initial stage be clear about for nothing obviously! Had not played to also have nothing to do with, as long as you are advertent a few note that I say is enough!

The operation of one game:

In game you can be obtained by F1 (premise is Chinese edition) , game is main need not clavier, a mouse makes calm the world (when fighting except) !

Noticing is game installs speed automatically to be 0.1X(is halt condition) almost, I suggest to need not change, your abundant time will consider the move! With blank space key is quickened, s key is to open fire, although game shows those who firing to the boat is automatic only again and again, I think to have some of bungle opportunity for combat so however, if your ammo is abundant, you bolt suddenly by S or power cannot become!

2 naval battle:

" brine business king 2 " in the anguish that lets you be immersed in as excellent as 10 equipment battleship to fight hard no longer, actually the naval battle here designs some do not pass addiction, no matter be you or the other side, have only completely most 5 boats attend a war as battleship, that is to say, have the naval force of 10 boats only, dozen naval battle also enters a picture 5 times at most only, defeated a word whole fleet is partitioned by others at will divide up, do you say some are not reasonable? ! More brutal still is from the back, you have go into work of a boat only every time! The first hanged the 2nd ability, and only the time of 5 seconds chooses! A word -- mean! ! Also do not lose heart nevertheless, the enemy in game and generation are about the same, equipment does not have brain, I am 4 boats are a fleet commonly, full position of personnel neat cannon is good, the first marine wring play the sail that destroys the enemy, make its motivation drops, for the following in turn captive prepares! Of course, hanged very quickly, what the attention wants here is, if you very feel distressed your boat, be destroyed when it 70% the preparation that ascend a boat is made rapidly when controlling (this bother this game quite, ascend boat and change need time prepares like artillery shell, special bungle opportunity for combat! ) , collect the enemy war ship with the closest distance to bump into the past, go all out on board when killing, other enemy war ship can outflank come over firm hits you, the result is by person capture, they can inspect their to be booty and assault no longer so you that tumbledown boat. So best nevertheless, after jack-tar did not concern can again employ, the boat always is the disaster that avoided heavy rough draft to might as well keep by the enemy temporarily a short while! Say these are not trashy, the enemy war ship here can be to use what play again only! ! If your boat is good grab not easily those who come, for instance fast ship of England (buy but with? Do not have the door! Because of what did not sell, you sell even if 100 fast annulus to a large dock, also fasten a hope to buy, clear? ! ) the enemy comes up even if play again bang suddenly, special the boat of guard the entrance that those who remind is pirate den, pirate 3 mast sail! Hull minor rate fast and firepower is fierce, do heavy what your hardship does is fast annulus easy to do! Painful past is not carried, first the experience that fleet of convoy of enemy of compose a quarrel fights: The first time encountering enemy war ship can be then 5 pairs 1! What hull is destroyed is very fast, you if speed up careful time, be afraid the scope that scales a boat repeatedly also is done not have by bombard and sink, once hull drops 60% , also get even rate the effect, you can see the inter revolve with oneself helpless boat, bee of elephant of criterion of enemy war ship is same round hit madly, at that time you choose the 2nd boat to come up reinforce also has not enough time, they but won't let off the weak easily! If you feel,have not enough time to ascend a boat, run down wind rapidly road, the 2nd fills rapidly on draw fire of the other side (when you the dot picks the 2nd ship when, a boat is backtrack condition, it can leave the ground) of dispute automatically! The task of the 2nd boat is to use medicinal powder play the sailor that kills enemy war ship, as far as possible eliminate more! Premise is he did not sink "_" ! ! If enemy fighting capacity is poor really, so the 2nd your boat can ascend a boat completely in turn capture, if be no good,do not come forcedly, or run or blood of look for an opportunity goes all out to go, fasten those who make Caribbean fish to fill eat namely best! The dot chooses the 3rd, make the preparation that ascend a boat directly, enemy war ship has been to had disabled at that time half, your boat is 100% complete work however and frisky! The result is self-evident. When also can be being used to the 4th occasionally, inspect a condition and decide, tactics is vivid, oneself master! There always are a few boats to meet in naval battle desert in face of a battle, this and generation are not quite same, the merchantman in generation runs the road is understandable, warship is each face death unflinchingly fights bravely after all however. Here is different however, large warship still calculates faithful, see the thing is bad smally twist a head to run. If you plan to eliminate the enemy's fleet to get the annex mouth that the governor awards to instruct, then you can be sufferred from! After exiting naval battle, you can see the enemy war ship that escapes in a flurry, because the speed setting of game is almost dormant, you have enough time to adjust a fleet to store game brings reinforce of another gang forces into play to be nodded even on cigarette! Be sure to keep in mind please nevertheless! You must adjust a team to beg you! Because escort attends a war directly, entered naval battle to pursue can not want to bring into play! Fleet will be automatic allocate personnel cannon on average to them, you if 5 fast annulus do escort, still remain 200 jack-tar, adjusting that result is on every boat 40, the boat that attends a war for the first time still is in make up the number, want, those who defeat is fast heavy, unexpectedly you also does give the heart to let it meet escort group? ! Do not think the enemy is only blindly desert, anyhow also is national level battleship, see you shake smokily of leisurely of shake from side to side to chase after it, it can kickback really oh! The proposal arms the ship with good position into escort, flooey abandon the ship that follow a line, grab the boat that come to also can arm (mark of the cannon on the boat dot with the hematic more style that is a fleet kind one's outward show and inner thoughts, be simple! ) will arm according to amount of staff the rest, as far as possible all seats taken! Enter naval battle again, ascend a boat directly, fast battle quick decision! (Withdraw battlefield your as soon as possible, still a lot of enemy war ship plan to collect petty gain! ) in this game the wind direction in naval battle is very fundamental, decide your initial stage is added directly sort mixes the ammo of outfit to whether ascend a boat! If you are downwind, enemy war ship faces you is against the wind, its jack-tar is little the word at you, you can prepare to ascend a boat ahead of schedule, advance carefully, see it whether plan meet head-on or driver desert, if your ship speek of a ship or plane is tall, turn in it the plan runs road when completely OK it undertakes bite into ascend a boat, can obtain a good ship that need not repair almost so! Nevertheless, encounter the pirate that carries before me 3 mast sail, you can want caution, this stuff is tricky and tricky! The proposal is used directly play again eliminate, also cannot sell a few fund anyway, it returns captive to hand in the upkeep of own boat not quite! If you are against the wind, ascend a boat to be brought about very easily forcibly the cat is formed to capture the angle game like mouse in war zone, it has not hit you to also do not escape however, round naval battle the graph goes around in circles, you also are not chased after on be anxious but unable to do anything, still have to take care, the maneuverability that it uses twist hull to swing prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun to attack your ship (use then can be to be played again! ) unworthy moment your boat is about 40% damage, more do not chase after went up, backtrack, it can want to kickback! Lane is bad that you can sink! The proposal is used wring play round it one is stricken, galley proof! You run! Dozen break your leg! The person that feels it ascends a boat to expend bit of interest to come loose with respect to reoccupy more play dozen! Go to dead in dozen! Finally, ascend a boat easily! Also not be of course succeed every time, occasionally need jumps out naval battle is pursued and attack a few times, as far as possible fast battle quick decision!
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