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[Strategy] " the Three Kingdoms group flower pass 5 " fierce will kill ability s
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" the Three Kingdoms group flower pass 5 " in the study method that reduces ability surely is to rely on weapon adroitness to spend, with respect to equipment of that is to say a kind of weapon can get the experience of this kind of weapon is worth, learn the skill of this weapon. Specific is probably rise at 3000 o'clock to be reached, no matter be,rest in the city, still go out fight can gain weapon experience. Fight can much dot, chop one knife to have a bit, put kill surely at 5 o'clock, this is my wherewith files revise implement check if have an error,excuse please.

The study method that all weapon is like drink like a fish to wait is, drill two kinds of skill of a kind of weapon when you perfectness get drink like a fish with respect to meeting be used to, acquire the 2nd skill of the 2nd kind of weapon into rank get random dance with respect to meeting be used to, all weapon the first learns the 2nd Xiang Xuecheng begin to learn, can learn bully person power, all weapon learns the first times to have a good command of, the 2nd learns to enter rank the wind that gets Wang Zhe with respect to meeting be used to. This is abstract specification only, if you are odd experienced a kind of weapon, experience arrived to be able to learn euqally, drink like a fish follows random dance. The power that reduces ability surely leans grade and armed strength to decide. With the armed strength the Zhao Yun of 98 is

The sword is

Connect thorn: Begin to learn can kill 4 people, into rank can kill 6. Perfectness and OK kill 8.
This action hits batman to call connecting with the boxing skill very will practical. In harm force

Behead iron:
This action makes fierce general power tremendous, it is OK that perfectness grade chops one knife cost enemy many bits of 40 blood. Harm force tremendous

The gun is

Baby coming back: Reach can kill 3 people, 2 reach 5, 3 reach 10
Hit batman force of very economic harm is small.

Intense of a person of extraordinary powers: Limits of this action attack is great, harm force is small. But if cross practice to be put twice, the batman all round the body how feel lie completely the ground ah. What also be dozen of arms is practical skill

Bend is

Day of be linked together: All enemies that atttack limits to go up point-blank for, reach can kill 2 people left and right sides. 2 reach 3, 3 reach wow can kill a lot of person. Might minimum.

Hematic ala: Good mastery of a skill or technique. Attack limits is linear. 1 reach all batman that can kill to go up point-blank. Harm muscularity. Hit fierce general, it is good to hit batman with. The military that early days has a good meeting an old unit of length for measuring land to fasten will be really inapproachable. Exclusive is a project when can stare at defense thing fusillade.

The knife is

Pull a knife: Can atttack backside only the enemy of two case less than, in might. Practice arrives 3 reach one knife to also can be chopped only 2 with the person, hit fierce to also will be expended not bird how many blood, basically attribute useless skill.
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