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[Close ability] modular personification gives birth to 2 universities cogged cod
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Hey! The university has a lot of new element and cogged yard again.

With before, knock Shift Ctrl C to activation first cogged code dialog box.

1) ChangeLotZoning [residential | Community | Greek | Dorm | Secretsociety] . When the attention is inputted, do not input ' [' , ' ] ' and ' | ' . This password is modification building property. Residential is civilian curtilage, community is public, greek is student mass organizations, dorm is a dormitory, secretsociety is private organization.

2) BoolProp DormSpecificToolsDisabled True/false. With False, can build a wall in the dormitory, foundation. Game acquiesce cannot build a wall in the dormitory.

3) BoolProp Allow45DegreeAngleOfRotation True/false. With True, can put furniture into 45 degrees of bevel!

4) SetHighestAllowedLevel (5-11] . This is to change the top floor that can build. Do not input bracket. What highest Europe checks is 11, 12 made mistake!

The cogged code with original other can be used. It is nevertheless in the university Agging -off is invalid. Because the university is,calculate the age by semester.