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[Strategy] " holy region " complete strategy
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Masterstroke task
The masterstroke task of all game part agrees basically, just differ because of the profession on primary task and somewhat difference, branch of masterstroke task ministry gives the overall masterstroke mission in giving game clue and primary technological process.
The road of destiny of the first chapter
Horny fighter
Cut is poured out of blood...
Task target: Fight in amphitheater
Task detail: Julius of fighter Great Master gives my task, he asks I enter amphitheater to Ko another fighter, if won victory, my general gains money and the freedom that long for day and night, but after the mate that becomes me is flat, julius lets animal person fight with me unexpectedly, I must Ko this animal person, find Julius to take my due pay, and become a complete free person.
The task explains: Fight with adversary all the time, die till adversary. Need not worry to be killed by adversary, alarming come again afresh and the HP of adversary won't complement automatically.

The mark of time
Task target: Kill Julius
Task detail: Julius, fighter Great Master, old since teaching me all the time, he does not defend a promise to reject my freedom unexpectedly, from me it is a child begins him to train me, look in him I just am a slave, his doing makes what I see his heart clear evil, I decide to send him to see god.
The task explains: A flock of people besiege you, but want your put sb out of the way only Julius, someone else can run. Mix likewise last same, died to be hit afresh again, the HP of adversary is met of drop off.

Royal barback
Task target: Luo Xiefu heart belt sees commander of the tower that be like Ma
Task detail: Julius toppled, the adviser that I lament me at the same time at the same time disgustful this betrayer, but present problem is how I just can go out, exit was chained, look I must appeal my not famous companion. My new associate is called Luo Xiefu heart, look him to be locked up to leaving very be good at, actually he discloses Julius to undertake slave trades namely of the truth, we must see Beierwen's commander, no matter this can meet what kind of obstacle all the way, the day knows commander of this tower that be like Ma meets me to bring what kind of new life.
The task explains: Very simple distance, a few enemies are encountered to make do very easily on the road, the associate that bringing also is a pretty good helper.

For king and country
Task target: Head for camp harbor to find Er of soldier Cui dimension
Task detail: The destiny is guiding me to leave amphitheater, king is needing my help, ankaliya is allegedly regnal condition is queasy, aged put oneself in another's position of king of abstruse accept Mu declines, and the baron that longs to gain influence people put-up capturing political power. Kingly son power human relations prince is in with regnal south Ke Rui animal person tribe of Denuer is at war, for this he needs heroism dauntless the soldier that is not afraid of sacrifice, so, wei Ershen of Xiang Shibing Cui joins the fastness of A Kanbai case that heads for southern border land please.
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