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[Strategy] " holy region " summary of result of character attribute addition
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The attribute of content of holy region go-between has 6 kinds, it is force respectively, endurance, nimble, system renascence, intelligence renascence and glamour. The character's attribute can increase automatically according to the promotion of person social estate, it is OK at 1 o'clock that at the same time every class still can be obtained the hand uses distributive check the number.

Acquiesce upgrades every time the attribute of promotion is met according to the character of initiative attribute 10% have promotion, be like: The force when 1 class is horny fighter 30, criterion later force of every litres of 1 class promotes 3. This attribute promotion does not have round, it is like initiative attribute 17, criterion every class promotes 1.7.

We will analyse the effect of all sorts of attribute:

Force: Increase fighting at close quarters to atttack force, hit the target rate, life value.

Endurance: Increase defense power, shorten toxin harms duration.

Nimble: Increase far battle to atttack force, hit the target rate, defense force.

System renascence: Raise life cost, life response rate, promotion fights the response rate of kind of skill.

Intelligence renascence: Increase blackart skill to atttack force, promotion blackart kind the response rate of skill.

Glamour: Affect the price of article of buying and selling.

1, emperor inside the country defence attribute follows dark black same, it is defence skill, the dodge that says normally namely. And the effect is not apparent.

2, force and the life cost that system renascence raises are almost equal.

3, emperor inside the country stand for war means is to use skill attack, skill atttacks hit the target rate for 100% , so completely negligible drop hit the target attribute.

Understood above after 3 o'clock, do I think nobody prepares to promoted endurance and glamour? In light of us force and nimble, affect the assault force of fighting at close quarters and far battle respectively. So how much can this assault force promote after all? We will be calculated simply. Suppose the character of a 201 class. So he is OK and free distributive attribute check the number is 200. If add force at 200 o'clock to perhaps go up adroitly, can not promote the basic harm of 100 the value only, even if took 100% power / arrive adroitly the weapon of harm, also can increase the harm of 300 only. And 100% force / quick the attribute to harm is action on weapon harm, not be basic harm, the attribute that so certain promotion harms won't produce effect. On the whole, the harm that 200 bits of force perhaps promote adroitly won't exceed 500 below normal circumstance.

We see system renascence below, increase to follow the life of force as much almost, raise life response rate, promote the reply of battle skill rate. In 6 parts, besides rabbi, other part all in order to fight kind of skill as main attack method, system renascence of 200 bits, can promote many life not only, still can promote life response rate and battle substantially kind skill response rate. Come so, the skill that waits to need to await 5 seconds so became a need to await 1 second below the action of system renascence, such, the grade that can continue to promote a battle skill will exchange tall harm.
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