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Web games the next three years will exceed PC mobile phone users
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WEBGAME rapid development in China has been three years, and three years for a vast and complex biological communities, it has formed its own unique ecosystem and fine structure of the industry chain, are all promising for a "Gold mine" industry, the endless stream of new games, ever-expanding user base, so that the industry has brought us more and more surprises. Starting from the end of 2009 called a "fairy domain," the MMO based Web game for its real time combat the rapid growth of revenue and no doubt the game impressive operational capabilities for the industry, then "Sin domain" is also operating platform Game2 A web game "operation sent" a leader in the occasion of the upcoming third WEBGAME, we interviewed Fun Tour (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. Vice President Mr. Zhang Hai. China Investment Network: Fun on the tour, Game2, Game5? Hai: Fun is a tour operator based game company, Game2 is our first operating platform, along with the growth of web gaming industry, and now our company has developed outside except Game2 five operations in four web games Platform, our platform business model is the first joint operations, joint operations game is based on the original "Three blood", "martial arts heroes", etc, the early accumulation of our combined operating experience in business development company Help relatively large, in the company's development process, we also co-operation from the simple to the exclusive web games web games, you can say that our growth rate is relatively fast, now the company has nearly 400 So. For our company in November 2009 was an important turning point in our company during this period, the better we are exclusive agent of the products, "Sin domain", as compared with other web game company, we operate a simple Based company, our core competitiveness is mainly in two aspects: First, for the web games the accumulation of operating experience; the second is the game of marketing and operational data analysis; particular game operation data Analysis and data implementation of our marketing and customer service system in a very important part. In the course of our operations in addition to product research and development with the game, but also including the player's fee, voucher, product version updates, new versions of some of the planning and the development of operational tools, so fun to swim in the games industry website Operating experience can be said in the comparative advantages. Suiran our company's core competency is operational, but as a web game industry companies, products or 核心, the basis of our operations is also based on the cooperation of products, we also try to invest in their own small Team, the purpose is to accumulate some niche products. Although the situation of the company's operations is also good, but the financing market for our team, it was a natural thing We are positioning the company on its own, is to make it into a professional web game company, Game2, Game5 itself is a platform, our platform itself is the product, we hope to create a professional to play this platform , Open game distribution platform, in our platform to play games like in the supermarket to buy the same goods. So far our platform can not be called a professional gaming community, if the community to make a game, then the function depends on the severity of this community, we are more of a game based on our own operations Services because the game needs of users, so we strive to create a player to interact with the environment, our platform also has the elements of the community, such as points systems, but the focus and core of the operation or the game itself Camp, we serve the platform and the game itself, the user, if they need some type of software tools, then we will to develop such products, for example, that through software, and so on. Web games industry churn rate is the hot topic of discussion, all the web games are very high turnover rate, so the current point in the product design and charges are more pre-set areas, and this is in order to adapt Web The properties of game users. In addition, from an operational point of view, we will use our platform and product features to maintain and extend the life cycle of the game, especially the paid players, players we will have detailed information, it The second of the game in marketing. Four platforms we are doing is to do more to try different operating environments, we hope to try out the experience of the implementation up to the platform in the 1-2, five of the platform is a game community platform, we Hope that this is an open gaming platform. We have done in the product on different platforms vary the structure and function are in order to better serve our game users. China Investment Network: How do you judge the current market? Hai: From our observations, in 2010 the WEBGAME (web game) Social game market, if not only in the domestic market to more than 10 billion market in 2010 WEBGAME (web game) species The relatively rich, so the success of MMO games in addition to the "Sin domain", there SLG type of "disdain for the world" is also a good income, in the RPG field, "Ming Dynasty" and "mortal comprehension" is also the tens of millions of income , The type and variety of these games are different, but the performance is very good. 2010, WEBGAME (web games) the number and distribution of new games do not have much growth compared to last year, this year there will be 1-2 per day Game market, almost a year down the 500-600 games, from the point of view the quality of the game, the game has been a great leap in quality. We can see that the type of real time combat MMO WEBGAME (web game) Products already has a 2.5D game client expression, the overall quality of the game than the 09 listed games a lot better. From the user point of view, now WEBGAME (web games) the age distribution of users and the client user is relatively close to the game, and now clients are turning to online games of users WEBGAME (web games), This change is an inevitable trend, the user's choice is dependent on the performance of power and playability of the game, the user experience, WEBGAME (web game) is stronger than the convenience of the client game, WEBGAME (page Games) Comparison of the game relatively light, the degree of addiction game lighter than some of the client. Also, I think the 2010 Games as a web page as the main profit model on the total number of companies declined, with a high quality company or a small number of core products, the market reshuffle is inevitable, the company survive a party Surface quality of the product to keep up with the user's selection, on the other hand have a stable and functioning of financial security, to let the company survive, so the number of firms in this industry will gradually decrease.