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Love life love the game "God of War" to help out China Mobile Street shooting c
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"Love life, love the game" is a positive attitude towards life is "God of War" OL hope to bring the concept of the majority of players. 139 communities to plan and China Mobile's "West Wing polite" street shooting contest is asking people to love life, concerned about the record of occasional moments of life. Two hit it off with the same idea, the official God of War oline together 139 communities of China Mobile jointly launched a "love game, love life, do life Ziyou Ren" as the theme of "West Wing polite" Street beat competition, so more " Ziyou Ren "can enjoy the game while recording the beautiful moments of life. Activity time November 18, 2010 - December 10, 2010 Active object All those who love the game, love life Ziyou Ren Description of activity "Through the West Wing while smelling incense, flowers are still next door, Miss Central, shoes and forget the original direction, stop feeling depressed teens ... ..." an opportunity of a chance, wandering around in the modern metropolis, walking in the street, aimless walking, gradually stopped, picked up the portable cell phone, casual freehand sketch of, and record moments of beauty around you, know for a taste of life, perception of life of the willing. Activities Award First Prize (1): 1. Apple products a ipod classic 2. "God of War Online" 10086 a Gold Card, Gold Card include: 10086 Magic Crystal (equivalent to 1008.6 yuan) 10086 Olympic gold (equivalent to 100.86 yuan) Second Prize (2): 1. Apple ipod nano product of a 2. "God of War Online" 188 card is a red diamond, red diamond card contains: 5188 Magic Crystal (equivalent to 518.8 yuan) 10086 Olympic gold (equivalent to 100.86 yuan) Third Prize (3): 1. Apple products a ipod shuffle 2. "God of War Online" 139 card, a yellow diamond, yellow diamond card contains: 2139 Magic Crystal (equivalent to 213.9 yuan) 10086 Olympic gold (equivalent to 100.86 yuan) Participation Award (14): 1.BASS sophisticated computer speaker 1 set 2. "God of War Online" 138 green cards a Diamond, Green Diamond card contains: 1138 Magic Crystal (equivalent to 113.8 yuan) 10086 Olympic gold (equivalent to 100.86 yuan) External message voting participation award (90) "God of War Online" 135 card is a diamond, diamond card contains: 135 magic crystal (equivalent to 13.5 yuan) 10086 Olympic gold (equivalent to 100.86 yuan)