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Little ninja how to teach non-RMB Shuaqian easy to play new games
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Now the game has sold more proficient people, of course, many of which are a liar, I put my more proficient in the provision of out, although the methods are in fact many people know, just for the newcomers and are unwilling to spend RMB to play the game players can still try, of course, you need to have enough time and enough patience. 1, prepared in two different browsers open for two-game (I'm a Window of a Firefox browser), registered small (this is necessary). 2, at the same time into your large and small, trumpet began to follow the mandate of the game to do the task to upgrade, you can usually upgrade to the 15, 10 received the packs to put weapons in addition to other equipment can sell, and the middle Online Package received the third to last (like 30 minutes), so that you can almost have a 200 + coupon. 3, back to the village to pick up reward task to task with the brush of your gift certificate, then a time "to collect foreign body" of the task, because the task is to stone, and then when the attention to the selection automatically, and then immediately take 2 points coupons take the reward task, then refresh the task while paying attention to the task arena, the arena task after another on the line as long as the brush out to pick the future, if brush put out high-level task in front of the arena to give up low-level re-take the senior be. If the "collection of foreign body" of the task that the number of B-class more than the money of course, the more you brush, this look at RP. 4, brushing coupon can go to the arena to get rid of the rest of the 15 garbage sparring, and the middle of a row of brushing can each turn a card, so brushing sparring to return to their villages to take the reward before the task in the arena completed the task off, dug out the brand, such as flop spent with awards, so back to the arena you probably have 3000 + brands, this time to get all the brands of equipment exchange Beastmaster (** button in front of that), each equipped 180 brands, exchange completed 170 + brands if left to go further challenges can not be exchanged twice (because the brushing should be left with 15 players but the opportunity 2 challenge), then managed to get enough good luck can be converted to a 180 brands. 5, the conversion to all BM equipment identified, you will find that the equipment is not binding, and luck would have two general properties of the blue containers, RP will have three attributes the outbreak of orange wear, but traded in the market can only equipment is more than 2 attributes, so a property without considering all of the blue to sell equipment, do not look that so many in fact, brush up very fast, 40 minutes or so, if the time is coming 60 minutes that you can go to receive an official 60-minute bonus coupons, get coupons and then pick up the earth knows the task reward myself (of course if finished then do not go 20). All done you probably have a 50,000 + stones. 6, here is how to more proficient, first there must be a large 2-binding properties of the blue is not installed, then go to the market to sell the large blue containers, How much does it pay attention to, such as your small brush 52000 stones, and who have a BM more than 2 properties need to be transferred to large equipment it would need to stay 132 +132 = 264 stones (there are 2 that 132 +132 +132 = 396), so you install large blue to sell 52000-264 = 51736, which is why the 132 stones to the market it is trading fees, so that small stones with 51,736 blue buy large equipment to be transferred to a large stone is equal to the remaining who also transferred to the two large pieces of equipment, and this time went to the market to sell a mounted stone, 132 stone is left when the fee to the market this time, so you have to stay at least 132 stones to the trumpet is also equipped to used when large. (Here we must note that trumpet the time because of equipment to sell a large stone, so be sure to open the game and the network of smooth double-time, when the large purchase of equipment purchased must be timely or it will be a number of Dunshou market The dealer first to bought, 2 it when the property was sold, but three properties that are going to cry) This time I can brush the stones to the large 45,000 +, but also include equipment, 21-level basic enough for you to install BM use the 31 steps. 7, this property can be worn together a set of 2, the extra 2 attributes blue fitted Why use it? You can go to sell about 1W or so (this depends on a lot of opportunities sometimes people 1W5 income), do not want to sell it would take three two blue fitted to the synthetic properties have some chance of the orange loading (there is a chance of getting out is not necessarily .) If the RP as well have orange installed, or they used to sell (to sell about 50J, the way different areas different prices for services), explain properties of blue-orange loading +1 +1 property installed equipment can be synthesized in other parts of the blue-orange-loaded ( Basic is 100% success) or higher-level orange loaded. (Synthesis of low-level to senior Orange Orange installed equipment is a certain degree of probability, I have to get together 26 of the 35 orange arms orange shoes, of course, a large part of or together with other parts of the orange stage of loading more) 8, on the jacket as a non-RMB players really do not need to go over the blue coat, it is better to spend energy to his blue-gray jacket or coat to strengthen up, and anyway you coat money can buy (Do not take signs to draw meaningless , brand experience can be exchanged after you get to middle school can be exchanged for 2600 of 150 brand experience), whether blue or gray jacket if you are you can get two equipment conversion, until you want to change to synthetic , gray case can store 2 to buy a gray Zhuangbei should be able to convert (not tried this, can try), blue Waitao +2 a property can be converted to other blue-fitted blue jacket. (Note: Grey blue fitted jacket +2 +2 attribute properties can be loaded out of the blue blue coat, blue coat + + Orange Orange installed equipment can produce orange jacket, orange jacket synthesis have a chance) 9, on the BB, if you want to spend 1 per dragon BB to buy a novice card Taobao, which has a 40 value of the BB, the BB +2 get a blue equipment can be a property conversion, the dragon has a chance to co-BB such as the skill is not to continue together until it has combined the skills, as well to see what skills the BB top-ranking arena will know, as with ordinary people think BB then you can flowers and vampire bats, their exclusive skills well. BB anyway, mainly to see the skills required do not need long to see their preferences entirely BB, BB is the dragon and the dragon force more Dragonscale two good exclusive skills.