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265G won the "Best Web Game Information 2010 Award"
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December 10, 2010, 2010, the General Assembly Third WEBGAME operation with SNS and SNS WEBGAME Open 2010 China Business Award ceremony, announced the 2010 WEBGAME & SNS series in the field of business award winners. 265G As the first portal web games, game information in many web sites stand out, won the "Best Web Game Information 2010 Awards." By the China Investment Network and the Internet Society of China jointly sponsored the third WEBGAME with the SNS 2010 Conference as the annual operating WEBGAME (web game) industry, the most important head of industry events, the selection results by the Organizing Committee three months through October to December time, voting by industry experts and recommend ways the judges selected winners of the business, and the results more objective, and to occupy certain market influence. 265G in the last 4 years of learning and growth, the formation of the evaluation team of professional web games, games, video commentary, creating a broad exchange of the game the player community platform nest, and in continuous learning and innovation in the domestic information and gradually developed into the most perfect The WEBGAME site. To today, 265G models have included 693 web games, war strategy game in which section 272, subsection 238 role-playing games, simulation games operation section 57, paragraph 71 of the community to develop games, casual sports games of 54 models, while providing game information, industry news, overseas information, player news, interviews and other information channels reported. News and information on its website the game is included GOOGLE Baidu and one of the largest information website. 265G is the game for the players to the theme of web portals, web sites and forums are active every day tens of thousands of webgame players, and every day a large number of budding players to come here through various means, and the 265G users very targeted groups are playing web games. One of our customers through data analysis, in their ads website, 265G over the churn rate is the lowest viscosity that 265g of users is very high. The 265G and some big game portal at the same time, the community to maintain cooperative relations, but also for bringing traffic to your site leap of improvement.