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Fifth China Games Summit held in Beijing soon
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2010 to 2011, the fifth Games Summit & Gold Awards Ceremony will tour January 18, 2011 Park Plaza Park Hotel Beijing held a grand. Since 2006, mobile phone game has gone through four years of journey Summit, five years of spring turnover, more than eighteen hundred day and night, the passage of time, we witness the rise of mobile game industry today. 2010,3 G swept look back to the times, surging smartphone, mobile games industry is gradually becoming the focus of attention. With the enhancement of user awareness of all aspects of the industry chain, power and mobile game industry will usher in a more brilliant 2011. In this background, the Fifth China Mobile Games Forum predictable, look forward to the 2010 to 2011 mobile phone game industry to do a systematic review and prospect. When the meeting by the music network (D. CN) and the CCTV network (CNTV), jointly organized by the above, Sina, Tencent, Mobile 2.0 Forum and other relevant agencies co. The General Assembly will be invited to mobile operators, handset providers, mobile game developers, investors, consulting agencies, the media and other institutions to participate, including more than 350 are expected to attend the industry's elite to discuss the development prospects of the industry period of change, business model, value chain and the investment potential and other issues. The summit will invite guests to attend dozens of heavy industry. Summit by the Frost & Sullivan Principal Consultant Wang Yuquan chair, Rovio, PopCap, EA, Gameloft, GLU, represented by well-known mobile game developer senior international leadership, Samsung, Motorola, Lenovo, cool as the representative of all handset manufacturers will attend the senior leadership The Forum. Meanwhile, Secretary General of the Great Wall kitchen paper, Google Greater China and Korea, Wang Ying, director of ad networks, purple on the top of the king, CEO, founder of Wang Lijie Mobile 2.0 forum, senior vice president of wireless grand Qu Haibin, daughter of CEO, g home , China Entertainment Wireless CEO Pan Yu Wen, 仙掌 Technology CEO Yang Zhao, CEO of Qi sea travel was day, the air Wulin Guang, vice president of network, Sina Vice President Wang Gaofei, Ninetowns Shen, vice president of a national, digital hard stone will also serve as CEO summit, Wu Gang, etc. guest speaker, talked about the development of the industry dynamics. The Mobile Games Forum also received the Ministry of Culture, Press and Publication Administration, the Communist Youth League Central government departments, including support. At that time, related to the leadership will come to the summit site, to provide guidance for the summit. Not only the guests gathered in the summit, and the bright scene, a number of industry events will be officially launched at the meeting: Authority of the professional industry summit - the summit, by the CCTV network and when the music network launch of the "CCTV Paradise" will be officially released, work together to build mobile networks, Internet and cable television network's new entertainment platform for triple play; Research report publishing platform - from when the music Net Analysys International work planning the "2010 China's mobile phone game users Behavior Report" will be officially released in the General Assembly, while a large number of published data for the industry to provide mobile game development vane; Outstanding game awards event - when the music network awarded for outstanding mobile gaming business, "Gold Tour Award" by the media, the industry's annual showcase of the best mobile game works; the same time, the Great Wall will jointly organize the global mobile gaming charts TOP30 selection program to quality mobile games in China to the international; Venture into the employment opportunities on campus - from the Communist Youth League Central and held when the music network "into the campus - China Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme" will officially open the Summit, this event will be good for the university collection Games creative works, to venture capital funds, scholarships, to provide jobs the way the students to the campus to provide more opportunities for entrepreneurship and employment. Unlike in previous years, this year after the Summit, will also be high for the industry to organize a "high-end mobile game industry exchange of New Year's reception." By New Year's celebration, cocktail party you will gather industry leaders to provide a platform for the exchange. The number of reception guests will be limited to less than 100, (director level and above required to attend). Reception tickets for 1,200 yuan, guests Admission by ticket (invited guests will receive a free ticket.) So far, the "Forum Games" has been successfully held the fourth, the current mobile gaming industry has developed into an important communication and exchange platform for the enterprise to promote ideas, publishing products, enhance the image of an important window. Coming in 2011, although there are still mobile game industry game homogenization, 3G mobile networks is not universal coverage and other issues, but we firmly believe that through the joint efforts of the industry, with the mobile game of this session of the Summit Forum of China this spring thread , mobile games industry will be rapid germination, and then open the mobile Internet industry's most dazzling flowers.