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[Electric contest] CS is added again super below autograph of Sweden of powerful
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Recently, grabbing come after hot star player Walle, Zaffe and Crypt, plus original ace sharp-shooter Rwa and Robin of god of new generation gun, group of MTw Sweden battle received a brand-new gold combination. Well-known Walle and Crypt had been old partner, there has been tacit agreement very much when SpiXel, afterwards Walle went after EYE believe them together again between cooperate to meet more perfect. Zaffe player is to become famous more long already, no matter be in GameO

The government that MTw.ATI is below states:

Afterwards announced us yesterday the first CS:SOf element after establishing, we will bring an information that provides shock power more to everybody today. Accepting Korea WEG after the invitation of the 2nd sports season, we recombined MTw Sweden element, to make battle group provides energy more, we drew on 3 puissant foreign aids -- Walle, Zaffe and Crypt, do not need to had made much introduction to them of course.

The retains now Swedish element member in MTw.ATI team has Rwa and Robin only, after several weeks discussion and plan, we announced the team member that adds newly gladly. They had signed a contract with battle group now and will attend WEG the match of the 2nd sports season. More information will be announced subsequently, we expect the first competition after MTw recombines eagerly. We still will announce the near future brand-new the particular case of the sponsor.

MTw.ATI Sweden element is below newest battle array:






such, sweden appeared again all the time superstar team. The name that sees these shocks making a person: Walle! Crypt! Zaffe! Such battle array occupies position in the world absolutely. The most surprising is Walle, the assistance that has looked is the important level that attracts a player. It is a super and luxurious battle array, special expect their performance henceforth.