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[Electric contest] MM of China of Spain of creation history CPL is gotten the be
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New China group of game __Swan[5]CS battle obtains CPL world tour to surpass champion of contest of CS of Spanish station woman

Will become Chinese electron undoubtedly yesterday a day that won't be forgotten, be in compatriots spend joyfully 51 long holidays when, the group of battle of Swan[5](former New4.MM)CS that forms by 5 rosebud that come from motherland each district obtains CPL world tour to surpass the champion of contest of CS of Spanish station woman with the military successes that gets the better of completely, acquire the stake of 5000 euro. This is first time of group of Chinese CS battle win world contest championship, resemble other sports project same, chinese female took the lead in obtaining a breakthrough again, the boys of hope China can add an oil again!

Swan[5] is behaved in current contest extremely outstanding, ESWC32004 includes in the adversary of engage in a battle the Passive of the first Denmark and the 4th Les Seules, still Check Six of North America powerful group waits, win championship finally with getting the better of military successes completely. Les Seules of rich and powerful family of European woman CS obtains the 2nd, the Catz that comes from Germany is obtained the 3rd.