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New 100 players attend choose of group of a nation contend
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The person that familiar electron athletics moves this is right the scarcely of dual meet of athletics of Sino-South Korean electron August 2004 will be unfamiliar, the country of athletics of electron of the first China that by national sports total bureau singles through strict trials at that time although the team does not have the Korea that the challenge comes to before doorway is in the home suffers a defeat team, but like be the same as all sports project, expression of place of group of electronic athletics nation comes out go all out in work up, the sports spirit that does not cease tenaciously makes likewise all audiences do it hearten, cheer for it. As this detachment

On May 27, new trials of group of nation of an electron athletics will first at opening ceremony of games of athletics of electron of 2005 whole nations before today start shooting, at the appointed time, come from be opposite at 2005CEG battle kind the athlete of athletics of more than about 100 electron of the club of athletics of 10 professions electron of class A league matches will attend current state pick game. When ministry of contest of CEG organizing committee is in charge of the case that tall roc is introducing this competition, say: "Trials of group of nation of 2005 electrons athletics caused countrywide each district to count the attention of an electronic sports fan, a lot of lover still call to seek advice to us with respect to item signing up. But because attend a country to choose the player of contest,will arise from inside the club that attends athletic meeting of athletics of electron of this year whole nation, accordingly we are chosen in the country parted to hold qualification of much field CEG to surpass in each district by 10 clubs before contest, show itself in qualificatory contest and sign agreement player ability to attend national group trials with each profession club. Accordingly, from at present the autograph of each club makes an appointment with a circumstance to look, we have sufficient condition to undertake the choose of group of the 2nd nation. And we also see, in the group of nation of this electron athletics that is about to produce, there is no lack of to had obtained the player of outstanding achievement in multinomial international contest. This national choosing surpasses us to also will hold to ' fair, open, just ' sports contest principle, release the information of the contest in time to the society, in order to assure the authenticity of match result and open sex. "

As we have learned, 2005 is countrywide electron athletics a year when can turn to professionalism to run truly, player of many 100 electronic athletics profession that joins current state to pick game is pass the top player that makes public recruit and exam choose to come out to the society by club of profession of athletics of each place electron. Compare that nation group last year, new group of nation of an electron athletics has professionalism feature more.

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