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[Electric contest] player of animal of demon of world star contest announces Sky
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The 2005 VSports that by North America famous electron athletics organizes GGL and NVIDIA of leader of graphical chip industry to be held jointly stars contest polls completely collect an activity to had ended, the Sky of player of demon animal contend for hegemony that China wins nomination exclusively fails selected, to this you can click here to express your view. The player of final ballot is:

World star group: Grubby, Madfrog.

Korea star group: Moon[One] , Zacard.

After total final of WCG2004 United States, eventually Moon and Grubby can again one definitely relative superiority or inferiority. The legend character of bound of animal of these two demon does not have experience for long to pass as a result of a variety of reasons, in the absent of the Grubby on WEG, in the Moon on RMC abstain early, this Nvida and GGL were to help sb to fulfill his wishes at long last them, also helped sb to fulfill his wishes we these Fans people.

Of Sky although,lose an election regrettablly, believe he can be in what show the actual strength of Chinese demon animal to the world again on ACON5, WEG and contest of WCG geometric ratio nevertheless.