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Athletics of 2005 world-class electron surpasses Chinese area tounament to kick
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Recently, brand of match of world-class electron athletics -- tounament of area of China of WCG2005 of SamSung electron cup is started formally. In the time of nearly two subsequently months, the assigns competion area number of 15 cities of countrywide classics of player general all previous is layer upon layer choose, the person that win out will attend Chinese area final on behalf of the area. Chinese area final will in August the middle ten days of a month is held in Beijing, will give 17 winners definitely at the appointed time, the delegate China attends the world total final that the last ten-day of a month in November holds in Singapore. This second WCG is exhibited in 2005 Asias CeBIT on appear, initiated ginseng of brand of electronic athletics match to exhibit high standards to exhibit the beginning of the meeting. This indicates motion has evolved into an electronic athletics to be the digital recreation lifestyle with more extensive influence. (Reporter Zhang Xu)