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[Electric contest] Korea MSL interstellar league matches 2 days of king give the
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The league matches of MSL interstellar contend for hegemony that Korea MBC TV station sponsors ended the 3rd week contest, in the match of group of two when undertake in this week person that be defeated, on the Gorush of king of day of two bug a group of things with common features of sports season extremely arrogant and Julyzerg are washed out by adversary respectively, interesting is the player that washs out them it is the god that very long recently period of time does not have excellent performance a group of things with common features.

It is particular war situation below: Group of the person that be defeated Kingdom(P) [2:0] Gorush(Z) Kingdom(P)>Gorush(Z) Neo Requiem Kingdom(P)>Gorush(Z) Assault 2 Foru(P) [2:0] Julyzerg(Z) Foru(P)>Julyzerg(Z) Luna The Final Foru(P)>Julyzerg(Z) Neo Requiem